What are the Various Entertainment Options Available for Students in Geneva

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As a land of 1001 delights and gateway to the Alps, Geneva is no less than a living delight for students, besides experiencing the peacefulness of this lakeside haven. It is a city, nestled at the foot of a lake and cradled by both the Alps and the Jura mountains. The main attraction of the city are the UNESCO-listed Lavaux vineyards with other entertainment options available for all.  Aspirants living student accommodation geneva can explore the city for its Old Town, Lake Geneva, The Red Cross Museum, Palais des Nations or Palace of Nations (home of the United Nations Office at Geneva), Hiking trails, great bike rides, ski hills, vineyards, and the beautiful French and Swiss villages.  Geneva is also well-known home to the greatest Swiss chocolate makers. Students who are travel enthusiasts can benefit by being in a city which is popular for the heritage sites of national significance.  

World Heritage Sites

There are 82 buildings or sites in Geneva which are listed as Swiss heritage sites of national significance, and the entire old city of Geneva is part of the Inventory of Swiss Heritage. There are Heritage sites which are worth a visit by students to experience the joy of learning and knowing about history in all its abundance. Aspirants who are interested in history can explore places like Old City of Berne, Three Castles, Defensive Wall and Ramparts of the Market Town of Bellinzona, Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch, Convent of St Gall, Lavaux, Vineyard Terraces, and Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona, to add a few. 

Museums and Religious Buildings

Geneva is home to a multitude of Museums depicting the rich history and lives of famous personalities.  Geneva can be explored for museums like Institut et Musée Voltaire, a museum dedicated to the life and works of Voltaire, Mallet House and Museum international de la Réforme, Musée Ariana, a museum devoted to ceramic and glass artwork,  Musée d’Art et d’Histoire depicting painting, sculpture, drawing and architecture, among others. Apart from these, there are historical museums like Museum d’art moderne et contemporain, Museum d’ethnographie, and Museum of the International Red Cross, to name a few. Students interested in Physics can visit, CERN, which is the world’s largest particle physics research centre in Geneva. Geneva is also famous for religious buildings like the Cathedral St-Pierre et Chapel des Macchabés, Russian church, St-Germain Church, Notre-Dame Church, Temple de l’Auditoire, St-Germain Church, Temple de la Fusterie, and more. 

Music and Dance Festivals

Students living in student accommodation Geneva can explore a number of festivals that takes place in the city. The Fetes de Geneve (Geneva Festival) is an annual summer festival that fills the city’s parks with free music, food stalls, and carnival rides, among other attractions. The local wine festivals in the spring and autumn season, are events to look forward to and make for a not-so-expensive but classy day out in the countryside. The Escalade event takes place in the winter season of December which is an annual celebration where students and visitors reminisce the medieval times with torch-lit streets and cannon demonstrations. There are other festivals like “Les Nuits du Monde”, which is a world music carnival held in the month of  November at the St. Gervais church and Alhambra music hall. Students who are classical music lovers can head to Victoria Hall to watch live opera orchestra, the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande (OSR). 

Hiking Trips

Students can experience a haven of peace which opens up in the form of magical view of Geneva and its surroundings. They can experience the fun in adventure sports and try some hiking, paragliding, and mountain biking or cross-country skiing at Salève getaway. Student can take a bus from the city center and reach atop the Salève mountain in five minutes by cable car. 

Aspirants, who look for suitable student accommodation, should also explore the aforementioned entertainment options to make the most of their student life apart from doing well in academics. University Living is a global housing marketplace for university students to help them book affordable accommodations in Geneva.

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