Split VCF files into Multiple Files Preserving All vCard Contacts

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Are you looking for an easy solution to separate several VCF files? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss a third-party tool that will assist you in understanding how to split a vCard into numerous VCF files without losing or erasing any data.

The vCard file is an electronic business card, also known as a VCF file that contains crucial information about a person, such as contact information, name, phone number, email address, firm name, and other details. These files are commonly used to transfer contact information across address books and to save data in a text format so that users can simply review or read the entire contents in a text editor.

Query – Hello, I’d like to transfer my VCF file to my phone, but my vCard file contains a lot of useless contact information. Is there a simple way to divide my VCF file into numerous contacts? That will make it easier for me to import my necessary contact data.

Let’s get started on splitting numerous VCF files and splitting the VCF file into multiple contacts on the Windows OS.

Manual Method for Splitting a VCF into Multiple vCard Contacts

Here’s how to manually split a single vCard file into numerous contacts. To get precise results, make sure to carefully follow the entire process. If you get stuck at any point, go back to the beginning. With that out of the way, let’s get started.

  • To begin, navigate to C: Users%username%Contacts. Then select the import option.
  • Then, proceed to the “Import to Windows Contact” process. Select the VCF option, and then click Import.
  • Then, for dividing, select the vCard contacts file.
  • Now, select the Split one VCF into many VCF files option.
  • Finally, the Properties box will display for each contact at the same time. Make any changes you like, and click the OK button.
  • Drawbacks of the Manual Approach: Split VCF Files into Multiple VCF Files
  • Splitting a VCF file into numerous contacts is a time-consuming and laborious procedure.
  • Missing or lost contacts during contact transfer.
  • A thorough understanding of the split process is required.

A Smart Method for Splitting Multiple VCF File Extensions

The GainTools vCard Split software allows you to split a VCF file into several contacts. The app allows you to spill only the necessary contact information from all versions of VCF files published by various platforms. The tool is capable of retaining all contact information throughout the procedure. It can also combine several VCF files. The program also allows you to preview all of the VCF file contacts in both horizontal and vertical views.

A Simple Method for Dividing a VCF into Multiple Contacts

  • Download and run the smart tool.
  • Select the “Add File” option.
  • Click “Browse” to select the file to be split.
  • Finally, click on the Split vCard button.
  • Finally, choose Export to divide the contact list into individual contacts.

The VCF Splitter Tool includes a number of amazing features.

  • Splitting a huge vCard file into multiple smaller ones: The software can quickly split a large vCard file into several smaller files.
  • Split the Contact File: The software has the ability to split a certain vCard file type into multiple contacts and create a single VCF file.
  • Keeps contact information:- Users may preview and store all contact data, such as name, phone number, address, email ID, photographs, and so on, using the ideal tool.

Last Words

In the preceding blog, we described a safe and secure method for splitting several VCF files into multiple contacts using a third-party tool. Regardless, there are hundreds of manual methods available online, but they can be difficult to use and may result in data loss. If you have huge vCard files to process on a daily basis, we recommend going the professional route.