Used Car Valuation: How do Car Dealers Measure the Right Value of their Vehicles

car resale value

Most people use cars as a mode of transport. According to the US publisher Ward there were 1.4 billion motor vehicles used by 2019. Many world-class car manufacturing companies understand this need of people so they enjoy bringing more to the table every day. But a person can sell his car for so many reasons. Whatever the reason is, the seller always tries to get the right value for their car. But someone who has no knowledge about it may find it a bit difficult to get the right value for his car.

That is when a car dealer comes into the picture. Here, we have mentioned the process of how the car dealers measure the right value of a vehicle to help someone sell his old car.

How Do Car Dealers Measure The Right Value of A Car

  • The first step to getting the car resale value is to go to the cars24 website. Once you hire him, he is likely to provide you with the name of the best website to sell your car. 
  • Once your car dealer opens the website you can see a title that says ‘Let’s start with your Car Brand.’ Here he can see the names of many car brands.
  • Right underneath the brands’ names, there is a button called ‘Get Car Price.’ Click on that button.
  • Once he clicks on that he can see the names of the famous car brands. He needs to click on the name of your car’s brand.
  • The brands’ names are also available under ‘Let’s start with your Car Brand’. The car dealer can click on the brand’s name from here too.
  • Next, there will be another section called ‘Year’. Once your car dealer clicks on the name of your car’s brand, he gets redirected to the ‘year’ section automatically. Now he needs to select a year from the section ‘select Car Manufacturing Year’. Usually, there is a search bar, you can type the year here too.
  • Once he selects a year he can see the names of the models that particular car brand has produced. Select the model name. For example: If you want to sell a Maruti Suzuki through a car dealer he gets the model names like Ertiga, Swift, Alto, Swift Dzire, Dzire, and Baleno. He needs to select the model name of your car. Or he can search for the model name of the car in the search bar above.
  • After selecting the model name, the next section he needs to work on is ‘variant’. Here he can find two options: petrol and CNG. Your dealer needs to choose the variant of your car.
  • Once he clicks on the variant he gets a section that says ‘Select Variant’. Underneath that section, he can see another option. For example, if your car has a CNG variant then the variant option should be ‘LXI CNG’. Ask him to click on that.

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  • Then comes the ‘State’ section. The car dealer needs to select your state here. If the name of your state is not present in the list, he needs to type the name of your state.
  • Then the website asks you to enter the RTO code. He can easily find the RTO code from the provided list below right under ‘Popular RTO Codes’. He can select the RTO code from here.
  • Now, under ‘Kms driven’ he can see the options of how many kilometres your car has driven. Provide that information to your dealer so he can select the option.
  • After selecting that, he needs to ask for your number to provide your number to the website. Once he provides your number, the ‘Proceed’ button gets activated. Click on that. You can get Whatsapp notifications too.
  • After giving the location your car dealer needs to book an appointment for further inspection. Then he needs to click on ‘Proceed’. 
  • The experts inspect the car and give a final offer.
  • Once that is complete, the seller gets the instant payment. That is it. Your car dealer can easily sell your car at best price in this way.


People can sell cars for any reason. But the process does not have to be tricky. Hire a reliable car dealer and ask for his advice. Any car dealers measure advises using the best websites to sell cars. Use the most reliable one and sell your car just by clicking some buttons.