Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter-High-Quality Industrial Flow Meter

Ultrasonic water flow meters

Ultrasonic water flow meters use sound waves to determine the speed of a liquid flowing through a tube. You can use these meters in many applications to measure the flow. It is commonly used to measure the flow of liquids and gases. Ultrasonic flowmeters are a perfect alternative to electromagnetic and vortex flow meters.

If you cannot find an electromagnetic meter, then the ultrasonic becomes the second option. Also, if the fluid will not support ultrasonic, then you will have to use vortex meters. Ultrasonic flow meters come in two different types: Doppler and transit time ultrasonic flow meters.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Types

Ultrasonic water flow meters measure the flow of liquids using two methods. These methods are doppler or transit time flow meters. The sellers will either offer you both types or one in their portfolios. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages, and so the best point depends on your application.

Doppler Method

An ambulance is mainly used as a perfect example to tell more about the doppler effect. You can as well use the best example like a police car. As the police come closer, the siren becomes louder even though it does not add the volume. When the vehicle moves away, its siren wanes. This is referred to as frequency shift, the doppler effect.

The Doppler method will now need fluids with particles or bubbles. The signal will then reflect the back-off bubbles or particles moving in the pipe with a little changed speed.

The reflected speed shift is directly related to the velocity of the particles or bubbles. And we will think that the flow speed is the same as the velocity of the particle. Also, make sure to understand that a signal that is reflected by a bubble can hit another particle before it comes back.

Transit Time Flow Meters

Transit time flow meters do not measure the flow of liquid that has bubbles or particles. This is contrary to doppler, which requires fluid that has bubbles. Always, there is a total percentage of bubbles and particles that will still allow for accurate flow measurement.

The transit time ultrasonic flow meter works based on the propagation energy of sound waves. You can imagine that you are in the center of the northbound crowd, and you want to go south. Putting the same amount of effort into making your way, you will still move slower due to the opposite movement of the crowd.

These ultrasonic water flow meters had two sensors that helped in transferring and receiving signals simultaneously. When there is no flow, you will not have a transit time delay between the two sensors. They will move and get alerts equally. During the flow of liquids, the sensor giving out the signal in the flow direction will get the call earlier than the sensor emitting.

If you have the distance between the sensors, you can determine the flow velocity using the difference in transit time. You can also have more than two sensors in the instrument, depending on the make and the seller. Also, you can have an inline or clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter to determine the flow of liquids on the walls of the tube or designs to measure gas flow.

Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter

These meters are the perfect choice for those people that require non-intrusive applications. Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters might not give you the accuracy that you need. So, it is always suitable to the flow requirements before you buy one for your application.

Also, make sure to understand that these meters can measure complex and also simple fluids. You can also get a unique make on the market, which is perfect for custody transfer applications and other liquids that require high accuracy measurements. You will also need other instruments to support it with processes like pressure, temperature, and gas composition. This will help to keep it accurate, and it will also do the job.

Make sure to prepare the tube so that you may get the sensor. Also, make sure to know the thickness and the make of the line. Doing this will help you get accurate measurements.

Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Portable ultrasonic flow meters are the best choice to measure the temporary flow of liquids. You can also use these meters to verify other meters.

Final Thought

Ultrasonic water flow meters are one of the most popular and accurate meters. They do not have pressure loss and also use them to measure petite to large flow. If you need help finding the best flow meter for your application, make sure to seek help from the seller. They will help you choose the right type of ultrasonic flowmeter for your application

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