Is Watermelon Tourmaline The Same As Pink Tourmaline?

tourmaline watermelon and pinks beads

The varieties of gemstones and beads available is unbelievable. It is to say that there is one for everyone’s liking. From precious diamonds, to colorful tourmaline watermelon & pink beads, the beauty of gemstones is indispensable. Not only do these enhance the personality of the wearer, but also soothe their soul and provide calm. It is said that each gemstone has its deeper history, that makes them spiritually and therapeutically meaningful. Among other such gemstones, is Tourmaline, which is a semi-precious gem and has crystalline structure. It is found in a number of colors and is unique in its making. It is mined in Brazil, parts of Africa, Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Indonesia.


A Tourmaline is the name of the family of boron silicate mineral crystals and have compound elements like potassium, aluminum, iron, magnesium, etc. Tourmaline is derived from a Sanghalise phrase “tura mali” meaning stone mixed with vibrant colors. These may have bright colors or subtle light shades. It comes in a wide variety of colors and types like Elbaite, Schorl, Dravite, Rubellite, Paraiba, etc. These are mostly color-zoned through their cross sections and are six-sided with round edges. Different tourmalines are named on the basis of their chemical composition but they belong to the same family of crystals. Tourmalines are the birthstone for the month of October.

Watermelon and Pink tourmaline are often confused for one another. But there are many differences between both, apart from just color. To make an informed and true purchase, it is important to know your stones and beads. So, we have a thorough look at the specifications of both tourmaline watermelon and pinks beadsand gemstones.

Watermelon Tourmaline

And watermelon represents the beautiful variations in colors resembling the colors of a watermelon fruit. It can be found in a number of combinations of different eye-catching colors, which dazzle the jewellers, gemologists and enthusiasts alike. These are durable stones and are mostly bi-color.

The color is a result of the crystal’s growth process and it has far more shades of colors in a single stone than are recognisable at first sight. But mostly, pink and green Elbaite crystals are found in one watermelon tourmaline. It takes great attention and care to cut these stones and beads so that they’re not damaged, and are mostly cut in three edged shapes. These are quite dramatic and add pleasant enigma and elegance to the personality of the wearer.

What Do These Signify?

Watermelon Tourmalines are very beneficial to the heart and help get rid of heart blockages. It is believed to be  of calming nature and helps rid oneself of their insecurities & disturbances. It is also known as the ‘super activator of heart’ and helps increase empathy, compassion, and sympathy. They keep you away from negative energies and have been significant in therapeutic processes to cure heart disorders and symptoms of paranoia & hysteria since ancient times. These unlock the way to peace & serenity by resonating with feelings of grief & melancholy.

Pink Tourmaline

Vibrant in color & exceptionally rare, the best lot of Pink Tourmalines are mined in Brazil and Namibia. These crystals look like rubies and come in a variety of shades of pink from soft pale pink to hot pink. Born from granites by volcanic activities, it is transformed into rocks from the heat and pressure. Pink Tourmaline beads and stones are very popular and liked among jewelry enthusiasts and these are very comfortable for daily wear also. These have a certain look of elegance and authority, which effortlessly reflect on the wearer as well. The prices vary according to the refinement and depth of color, darker pinks or reds being the expensive ones.

What Do These Signify?

Apart from its heart warming beauty, this stone is known as an instigator of humanity, love and peace. Also known as Rubellite, this stone has healing properties that relate to the soul as well as therapy. These promote the feelings of love & friendship and help maintain harmony in relationships. It is attributed to spiritual as well as physical healing. It is found that pink Tourmalines help to relieve pains relating to muscles and menopause. These are immensely beneficial for chakra energy and have been proclaimed since ages for their uplifting properties.

How Are Both Different?

Tourmaline watermelon and pink beads and gemstones are evidently different from one another.

  • The watermelon one almost never comes in mono color, but the pink ones are seen in only shades of pink or red per bead.
  • While watermelon ones are believed to symbolise creativity and sympathy, pink ones are symbols of love and harmony in relations.
  • Watermelon Tourmalines, on one hand, are therapeutically used to heal heart ailments. On the other hand, Pink Tourmalines are used to cure muscle problems and aches.

Although there are notable differences among the two, what is common is their allure and beauty. Affordable and spiritually uplifting, Tourmalines are no less than any other precious crystal or stone. These are great additions to your jewelry collection and also help manifest positive emotions & energies.

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