Uber Clone App Keeps Your Drivers Happy

Uber Clone App

Starting and maintaining a business is a difficult process. Long-term satisfaction of your company’s stakeholders is challenging to achieve. Furthermore, it becomes even more difficult if we discuss the ride-hailing industry because there is a lot of ferocious rivalry from businesses like Uber, Grab, Lyft, Ola, and many more. This blog post we will discuss few significant features and strategies using Uber Clone App that keeps your drivers happy.

You could believe that all you need is a reliable taxi solution in order to launch a profitable taxi business. However, that is untrue. Believe us! It is crucial for you as a taxi company to keep your drivers satisfied because in turn, they will keep your clients satisfied.

Uber Clone App Features – Beneficial For Drivers

The Ride-hailing App comes with latest features and seamless navigation that helps ease your drivers to take up more trips, thus resulting into more happy users.

The significant features are:

Login using Face Ids and Fingerprints

The app is integrated with the latest features for Android and IOS users. Providing quick login to the drivers using Finger prints for the Android ones and Face Ids for Apple users.

Smooth enrolment for the drivers

The procedure of driver enrolment is automated by the V3Cube’s Uber Clone App Solution. Even better, the driver can enrol themselves by simply uploading their legal documentation to the dashboard.

The admin only needs to approve the enrolment request after uploading the required paperwork. By enabling enrolment functionality with only a few touches, this has streamlined and simplified the enrolment process. This not only streamlines the workflow but also automates the process, increasing business productivity.

More trips, higher the rewards

Those who are providing top-grade services to passengers and have completed the most rides may be given remarkable badges by the administrator. When the taxi drivers have satisfied all the criteria, such as having an average rating of 4.8 stars or higher, they are instantly upgraded to a higher level!

Back to Back trips

This feature enables the driver to get new ride requests while he’s on the road. Drivers can earn more money by accepting these back-to-back trips and spend less time waiting.

Transparent earning for the drivers

The driver can quickly view an overview of his daily profits with only one click. He/She has the chance to completely understand his revenues and the commissions he owes to the service aggregator as a result. This helps to create a positive working connection between the driver and your taxi company.

Video calling

Now that video calls are available, it makes it easy for your drivers to communicate with your users quickly.

These internet-based calls makes it easy to connect with the users in case of any confusion, or there is a need to ask specific. The admin shall activate this feature belongs to both riders and taxi drivers!

Earn extra during busy times.

Your drivers can earn more during surge pricing system kicks in when there are several ride requests in one location at once. Due to the possibility of giving people transportation when they most need it, this benefit enables you to make even more money.

To see where the highest fares will be in your neighborhood, you can use the app to generate a heat map with colors. To start earning the money you need, all you have to do is be available for routes during that time.

Earn tips

One of the few jobs that gives the chance to receive tips is driving for Uber Clone App. Though infrequent, you do occasionally receive tips. Cash or a mobile app can be used to tip.

Flexible working hours

It has a lot of benefits, such as:

Your Uber Clone App driver can take advantage of the flexible scheduling and travel whenever they wish.

  • Flexible working hours
  • Working hours may be changed as necessary
  • Productivity gains
  • Increased motivation to finish tasks

When rides are unavailable, they may offer on-demand delivery services. In this manner, the driver avoids financial losses and is achieve maximum their earnings through a transparent fare system.

Promotional messages through push-notifications

An SMS, push message, or both can be sent to the drivers by the admin through push-notification feature to simply contact with them. The drivers might be informed of numerous promotional plans that have been implemented for that time period through this. When these features are combined with rewards for drivers, it encourages them to complete more trips, which improves the productivity of the company.

Uber Clone App Makes Your Driver Happy

A positive working environment for all of the parties involved is crucial to the success of an on-demand transportation company. The performance of the driver-partners is maintained and operational efficiency is increased with the help of a relationship based on trust. Motivation is occasionally a good thing for the driver-partners because it not only boosts morale but also elevates client satisfaction over the long run.

It’s wise to make sure your drivers are aware of and comfortable with the dispatch alternatives you have chosen. Transparency will demonstrate that you are making every effort to guarantee that jobs are distributed fairly and that no one is being given an unfair advantage. They will be increasingly adept at utilising the system the more they understand it. When people are at ease and are competent in their jobs, their confidence and contentment will rise.

Are you looking for a taxi dispatch system that will assist grow and improve your on-demand business? We provide adaptable dispatch solutions for any on-demand company.