Important Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Movers And Packers

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The customer is a powerful entity. He/she has rights that no other person has. After all, you, as a customer, are paying for the best quality of service there is. With these in mind, when you go forward and hire a moving company, you can get your doubts clarified as much as you want. However, your questions must be relevant. It saves time and keeps the professional relationship intact. The movers and packers and there to help you move efficiently – you can smoothen the process by asking the right questions.

But what are these right questions? Well, this is what this article is all about. Let’s hop on the ride!

1) Are the movers and packers licensed?

Licensing is an important aspect in any logistics company. It assures credibility – after all, the movers and packers should be capable of what they claim to be. Licences of a moving company may include documents such as interstate commercial vehicle permits, heavy machinery permits, exchange permits, government registrations, etc. You can search online for all the legal documents that movers and packers need to have before they can start operating in the UAE.

2) What services do the movers offer? 

Another important question, probably the most important one, is related to the range of services that the movers and packers offer. You can rest assured that the company provides basics such as a ‘man with a van’ service. It is all about the additional offerings that matter. They may be useful to you under specific scenarios. Some of these add-on services that you might require include:

●     Temporary storage facilities.

●     Moving with pets.

●     Moving heavy furniture and items such as pianos and pool tables.

●     Renting labour for hire and moving vans for rent.

Apart from these, your specific requirements may call for additional features. Ask the movers and packers about these in advance.

3) Is there a written contract committing to the services promised?

You have to insure yourself before you pay the advance amount. Ask the moving company if they are willing to give you a written contract with all the details. Talk to them about the terms and conditions and what the moving company expects from you, the customer. Make sure that the moving company specifies the rates that they are charging in the contract itself. Finally, the written agreement should state the conditions for termination of service.

4) How much will the moving cost and what is the cost breakdown?

The services offered and the pricing are two of the most important factors when you are moving. Movers and packers usually charge an hourly rate that they must specify in their contract. They must also mention the additional charges that may come your way in case of additional services. You must ask these questions before you pay out any amount. Make sure that you have a complete understanding of the cost structure.

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Secondly, most moving companies start off the process by sending you a cost estimate. This estimate breaks down the entire service into smaller components so that you know exactly what you are paying for. You have the right to request an estimate from a moving company before hiring them.

5) What are the payment terms?

Payment terms mean the manner in which you pay for the moving services. This may include things like how much you need to pay in advance, what kind of payment channels they use, and what are the refund policies, if any. Top movers and packers have a wide range of payment options so that the customer has the flexibility to choose the most convenient one.

6) What kind of packing supplies are used?

The quality of moving boxes and packing tapes matters a lot. Ask the company about the brand that they use and how much extra they will charge for it. Many movers and packers include the packing supplies cost in the moving charges itself. Some don’t. Again, this is why complete clarity on the payment structure is required.

Many people also want to work with companies that exclusively use eco-friendly supplies. If you are one of them, you can ask the movers whether their moving supplies are environment-friendly or not.

7) What happens if the movers and packers damage or lose your belongings 

People hire moving companies because they can safely move your belongings. However, as with any service, human error is a factor. In case of any damage or loss of items, what the company does is important. Ensure that you understand these terms before you hire a company. Liability-based situations are a part and parcel of any logistics transaction. Understand what the mitigation plans are before you go forward with a company.

8) Can you help with heavy furniture moving? 

Before this, you need to understand what heavy furniture really is. Most movers and packers and perfectly capable of moving a king’s sized bed. However, they may charge extra for, say, a pool table or a piano. Moving heavy furniture is not only about the weight but also about how expensive it is. Extra care has to be taken when moving these expensive belongings and only a good moving company should be trusted to do that.

9) What kind of moving vehicles do you use?

Moving vehicles are available for both partial loading and full loading capabilities. The prices attached to both these options are different. Also, the make of the moving truck matters. You should ask about the kind of trucks the moving company uses to get a better understanding of the price as well as the quality of service provided.

10) What can I, the customer, do to make the move better? 

Well, it is not always about the quality of service and the cost that comes with it. You should ask the moving company about the things that you can do to make the move more efficient and pleasant for everyone. It is just plain ethics and good manners to treat the movers nicely and offer them a glass of water from time to time.