6 Types of Flooring Material to Consider

Picking a new flooring could be a daunting task. The reason is there are numerous materials in the market you can choose from. Some are cheap and others expensive. Unfortunately, the costly materials don’t mean they are the best or durable. 

To avoid all the hassle of picking a flooring, in this article, we have highlighted some of the common flooring materials. 

Let’s get started: 

flooring material types


These are common flooring materials you find in most places. Most homeowners highly appreciate them as natural stone and terra cotta – like slate, travertine, granite, or marble. 

If you want a durable flooring material on a budget, tiles could be an excellent option. Among the types of tiles, porcelain is budget-friendly. 

A porcelain tile will help combine the hardness of the stone and attractiveness at a lesser cost. Another advantage is that a porcelain tile is less porous than marble, making it easier to maintain. 

Glazed porcelain, on the other hand, is durable and suitable to handle heavy traffic. It also comes in different textures, hues, and finishes. 

If you choose to install tile, unleash your creativity and install tiles of different colors, sizes, and textures. That gives you attractive flooring in your house. 


Bamboo flooring is created from lightweight woody glass. It may not be the best flooring option, but it gives you a natural feel. 

An advantage of using bamboo flooring is durability. That results from the tensile strength of this fast-growing and regenerating plant. Another reason to pick this natural flooring option is that bamboo resists swelling and contraction due to environmental changes such as increased humidity. 

Before you can harvest mature bamboo for flooring, it requires three to five years. That’s advantageous as mature hardwood for flooring will need about 120 years before it grows to a suitable age. 

After harvesting bamboo, it is engineered tongue-and-groove joints. The end product gives you an attractive and easy-to-install flooring option.


The other flooring option to consider is concrete. This has turned to be the hottest flooring option in the market today. 

Concrete flooring comes with specialty stains and sealers to pick. For grey and plain concrete, they are stained, making them resemble tumbled stone, brick pavers, marble, and anything you find attractive. 

Picking concrete flooring gives you limitless designs. An amazing thing about concrete flooring is that it’s more durable than other floorings. 


Cork flooring, like bamboo, is a green alternative. Picking this flooring option gives you a cushiony feel underfoot. 

An outstanding thing about cork flooring is that it can absorb sounds and vibrations. When they are detented, they bounce back. You are also likely to find it in pre-finished tiles. 

Additionally, cork flooring gives your flooring a non slip surface. That makes it ideal to use in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. If you work as an influencer wanting to reach out to wider audiences or you work in a music industry consider having the cork flooring for your studio.


Laminate is the other flooring option worth considering. It has recently turned to become a suitable and popular option for homeowners. 

You will find it easier to install this flooring option. Another benefit it has, compared to other flooring options is that a laminate is less expensive.

The name of this flooring option comes from the materials it is made of. It is composed of various wood materials which are layered and laminated together. After that, they are topped using a wood grain photographic imprint.


If you are new to flooring, this is a traditional option. Hardwood has been used and proved to be among the best flooring options. 

An advantage of picking this option is that it gives you warmth, a natural feel, and durability. Of the hardwood types, oak is the popular option. The other options include cherry wood and exotic woods like Tasmanian oak. 

When installing on the floor, hardwood gives you different styles such as prefinished boards, parquet, and plank. It is also easy to install. 

The Bottom Line  

You have seen in this article the different types of flooring options you can consider when deciding what type of flooring you want at your space. Most likely, you have more than one option, which makes it a hassle to choose the right flooring material. To make it easier to pick, consider other factors such as budget, durability, style, and comfort. These factors will allow you to pick the best flooring option. If not sure, get help from a professional.