5 Tips for Picking the Right Architectural Home Design

architectural home design

It is overwhelming to search for a house design that will meet your lifestyle and needs. The most important thing is to know what you should look for and where to start in order to achieve success in this journey. 

A good home design should meet your expectations. Besides the home plan, other vital factors include natural landscape, building, rebuilding and many more. 

YOu also need to consider the total square footage you need for the home. Some house features such as garages, attics, and porches are not calculated in the square footage of the house plan. 

If you want to pick the right architectural home design, read on. 

Privacy Needed 

The first factor you can consider is the privacy you need in your home. If you want privacy from neighbors or other occupants, consider a home design with U – or L- shaped design. Such a housing plan will give you more privacy – especially when you want to build in suburban or urban environments. 

Most homeowners also prefer houses that have privacy in living spaces and master bedrooms. With such a key factor, consider where the windows are placed to ensure you have adequate privacy. That means they should not be directed towards the neighbor’s yards and windows. 

Another thing to put into consideration is the outdoor yard space. You can install a pool, porches, deck, or patio. Ensure the house plan meets your privacy. 

Family Lifestyle 

The lifestyle of your family will differ depending on stages, cycles, and your future plans. This, therefore, has an impact on the home design you consider. 

If you are a newly married couple, the features of the house you want will differ from others, such as a retired couple. So, before deciding on the home design to pick, ask yourself these questions. 

  • Are you planning to start a family? 
  • How many children do you want to get?
  • Do you have adequate room for your expanding family? 
  • Will you want guest rooms for your visitors?

These are some of the questions to ask yourself before you pick a home design. You can consider the time you spend in various rooms. That’s because most families like gathering near the kitchen. So a kitchen should have lots of space. Other families would prefer a family room or den with a fireplace and large sofas. It is, therefore, essential you put these factors into consideration before you make a home design choice. 


The other vital factor is to determine whether the new home plan can accommodate your existing furniture. If you are to consider the furniture, start with the seating areas. The space you have for your living room affects that room’s overall feel.

You may consider having one major conversation area or two. Also, consider how that room will flow into other rooms, whether your furniture will provide adequate walking space and so on. 

Outdoor Living 

The other factor to put into consideration while choosing a house plan is an outdoor living. The natural landscaping you plan to have will affect your home plan. 

If you are to choose a house plan, consider whether you want a lot of space for your outdoor living to play games and sports. You may also want to consider having a garden, attractive landscape, or a pool. 

Home Working Space

When you are looking for a house plan, there are other essential rooms you may want to build in. One in the laundry section. You have to determine how large you want it to be. 

Another room is where you may want to enjoy your hobbies and interests. This will need additional space. That could be a large workroom where you can handle your noisy or messy projects. If you are an online influencer of some sort looking to reach out to a wide audience you will definitely need a studio with some good lightning to set up the equipment. If you enjoy gardening, you can opt to have a utility or mudroom with a half-bath for easier cleanup.

Depending on your hobbies and things you find interesting, pick a house plan with your hobbies in mind. That will give you more time to explore things you love. 

The Final Word

It is not easy to pick an architectural home design. You have to consider the above factors to ensure you put everything into consideration. Choosing the wrong house design may lead to unnecessary remodeling in the future.