8 Common Myths and Truths about Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Development of Robust mobile apps, obtaining a hit of million downloads on the developed app, and continuing to create the cutting-edge mobile apps in a different method.

Most of the heads should be reverted towards revealing YES. With the tendency of getting your business listed into the reach of consumers, it is necessary to adopt the Mobile App Development. This business is growing at an incredible pace. Despite the leaps and bounds with this business, it’s confounded to be obstructed by a few misleading blog myths.

Myth 1- Mobile App Development Is Long Process

There’s a dream about mobile app development that it is a lengthy, tricky process because everybody else knows that techniques & traditional methods of mobile app development are generally time-consuming and tricky. Thus, it becomes apparent it about absorbs six months to establish a new app.


The hybrid app development approach helps decreases the development time due to its code-reusability feature. With the help of all Hybrid app development, developers are allowed to use the single code with few alterations in lots of applications. They can reduce the development time as well as complexities measures under the mobile app development process.

Myth 2: It Is about Coding

Many people today think that developing a productive and feature-rich portable application is only depends on communicating or can express that mobile app is simply about communicating. This announcement is partially correct. Communication is the core of mobile app development, but this is a myth which coding is all required in the Mobile app development process.


It is the main requirement to understand Android app development and iOS app development, however fully designing a app you start with the first idea, covering functionality design; images & user-experience with higher calibre are also requiring part in the practice of mobile app development.

On the flip side, normal development of any job comprises average stakeholders like project managers, developers, management group, IT Team, in-house designing & development team. To bring stakeholders on the same page and make sure that the whole development process works perfectly, a high level of collaboration is required. Freedom isn’t merely about developing apps. However, it is like a treasure that demands a broader freedom strategy to determine out.

Myth 3: More Features Means Better Application

One of the usual myths about mobile app development is considering it a small version of a company’s internet site. One eventually ends up stuffing more & more features into it once the very concept about every cell app is to deliver specific & focused features & plugins to targeted users.


The mobile app concept is similar to “Killing two birds with 1 stone”, which means achieving several objectives using one source.

Another essential thing is that business apps will likely be data-heavy, placing high heaps on the devices and back-end system.

Myth 4: Lots of Money Required Building a Mobile App

Most people feel that an enormous number is needed to build up a app, and most people end up developing mobile apps due to the myth that mobile app development needs an enormous volume.


The entire amount to be spent on mobile app development is truly depends on the usefulness, features, functionalities, developing multisided caliber, and the variety of mobile apps you may require for the business or brand. At the end of the announcement, it is often stated that developing an app entirely depends on the idea and the considered app.

Myth 5: Great Graphics Will Lead to Huge App Downloads

It is partially a fact that high-quality images are therefore crucial for the accomplishment of mobile apps. But it cannot be described as considered the full truth, and it is partially a myth that everyone believes. It’s essential but does not guarantee that an app will be successful & millions of users will download it.


Besides graphics, you will find plenty of different things that subscribe to a app’s success & bring the highest user rating, including User Experience, simplicity, and straightforward plugins. One should also ensure their app defines its purpose.

Myth 6: Marketing Means Spending More and More Cash

Well, it cannot be a lie to say that paying for marketing would be the straightforward and effortless way to take; however, it doesn’t have to be a successful one. Only spending on advertisements cannot get the success to get an app, but it takes high-end, technically robust & feature-rich qualities in the app.


People are looking for the app, which caters them precisely what they crave for, of course, should they get precisely the same, and they will surely reach the store. With paid marketing, you will only find the range of downloads but unable to get popularity among users.

Myth 7: Comparing the Actual Size of a Cell App with Development Time

Most people feel that the small or one-screen app requires less development time and less development cost and relates their app’s size precisely with the development cost & time. It is a myth.


The application that looks in the brands apps absorbs months to growing; however, the third-party plugin or support integration might be enough to consume weeks and days of development. With the detailed blueprints, the whole development process is time-consuming; yet, technology pros can help in saving efforts & time.

Myth 8: the Job Has Immediately Following Releasing the App

This informative article holds data regarding the number of apps out there for downloading from leading app stores as of the third quarter of 2018. At this time, Android users could select from 2.1 million apps. Apple’s app-store remained the second-largest app store with nearly two million available apps.


Once the app development process has been completed and apps lay down in a ready-to-launch announcement, publishing isn’t only the previous endeavour. However, it requires a perfect promotion of the application so that most of the eyes can have the glimpse in the app.

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