Make It Easy: 10 Apps to Simplify Business Processes

business processes

In any industry, and especially in business, effective personnel and workflow management is the key to productivity. The proper use of working time is equally important, since time is money. Therefore, there are many programs and services that are designed to help you. How to get an advantage from them?

Just grab your smartphone and download the following apps…

A car is necessary for business, but often we can’t use corporate transport somewhere abroad.

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Evernote Scannable

This application was developed by the creators of one of the most convenient note-taking programs – Evernote. It helps to quickly and accurately scan documents and much more. For example, a contract, invoice, check from a store or a business card of a partner. Unlike a regular photo on the phone’s camera, Evernote Scannable automatically recognizes where the document is and instantly makes a scan.

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Whether you are engaged in business or you’re a freelancer, monitoring finances is always very important. QuickBooks have developed just for this. The program has a version for the computer and for the smartphone. By using the application it’s convenient to keep accounting records, calculate income and expenses, or send invoices to customers. You can see the current sales figures or check the latest payments directly from your phone.


If your brand has many subscribers in different social networks, it can be inconvenient to control everything at once. In order to make several posts on Instagram and Facebook, you have to constantly switch between applications. HootSuite developers have solved this problem. With HootSuite, you can manage all your accounts in a few clicks, publish content, reply to all emails and comments, and so on.

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Things 3

Developers of Things 3 believe that a productive person shouldn’t keep all his tasks in mind only – it’s much more rational to concentrate on solving them one by one. The proposed product fully complies with this philosophy: it’s handy to create tasks and subtasks in it, to classify them according to their importance and timing. The application saves time, but most importantly, a list of all tasks is always at hand.


Float is a project management program that is best suited for small teams. Float has a convenient “click-and-drop” scheduler that helps you visually display the current amount of team work, easily manage tasks, quickly make updates and find the right person for you, thanks to the filters and search functions of the program.

In Float, you can also distribute tasks among employees, break down into stages of execution, group projects and add your own explanations to tasks.

Float helps you manage your team and allows you to create custom reports so you can be confident in achieving your goals.

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This application is somewhat similar to HootSuite, but only in terms of e-mail management. If you have several personal and work addresses on different services, Spark will help to combine them in one place. You will receive a convenient list of all letters and many other functions. For example, a team discussion of a letter in a general chat. Previously, the application was available only to owners of iOS-powered devices, but recently it was released on Android.


If you often have to give presentations, then Keynote is what you need. You can manage presentations from your smartphone, iPad or Apple Watch. In other words, Keynote turns a gadget into a remote control. The only negative is that the application developers didn’t take care of the owners of Android, so Keynote is only available on iOS.

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All entrepreneurs know how important it’s to constantly learn something new. But not everyone has enough time for this. The Bookmate app allows you to listen to audio books while traveling or driving. Yes, audio books are far from a revolutionary format, but it’s still a great way to regularly get new knowledge.


This is another time management application, but with slightly different functionality. Wunderlist helps you create shared task lists with your partners, employees, or family. The application can be synchronized for several gadgets and opened, for example, from a tablet, smartphone, computer or smart watch. Among the other functions are the ability to view public lists of other people, share your own lists, comment, and also plan both business trips and projects.

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