Make Your Trip Tracking Easier with Trip Tracker App

Trip Tracker App

Does it not add more fun to your trip if you can add all the things associated with your vacations at one place. I think anyone would like to have a vision of the quality time they spend with their friends and family on a single screen without having to browse numerous files.

Well, it is not just a fantasy, but it is practically possible with the help of the Best Trip Tracking App.

Since the launch of the application at the start of 2019, it is loved and enjoyed by the users. Within three months of its launch, the apps have crossed 10,000 downloads.

Is the App Easy to Use?

The Tripp App is entirely user-friendly and can be used by people of all age groups. It is made mobile-friendly so that it can be your all-time guide. The application has connectivity with GPS, enabling you to share your live location, and also search for your desired location with ease.

Most of the tripping applications cannot be mapped with all the modes of convenience.

However, this is not the case here with Tripp. The app can easily guide you to use the most convenient mode of transport for your journey, and also marks your entire route on the map.

It indicates the mode of transport used, timing and direction you followed to complete your journey. It works perfectly when you are in the air, land or chooses a marine way to travel. The people wanting air travel or sailing through water does not face many issues. At the same time, the people going on road adventure trips or those who love to accomplish their journeys through long drives require assistance.

The necessary guidance for road trips is for:

  • Comfortable Routes
  • Weather while travelling
  • Is the route fit for going on a two-wheeler or four-wheeler
  • Is the road safe for travelling
  • The shortest route from your starting point to end-point
  • The time required to complete the journey
  • Is the road trip safe to cover during the night time
  • Any chances of the landslide, or other things especially if you are travelling in hilly areas
  • Guiding for the availability of the hotel, restaurants, fuel stations and other halt stations
  • Suitable span to complete your journey, and other such things.

However, the app tells you all and a lot more than you can think. If you are a frequent traveller, you can customise the app according to you. If you are new to the travelling world, you can use this app to make the arrangements for your vacation more convenient.


Not only does the app helps you to plan and execute your trip, but also share the fun you have while being on your vacation on social media. Every single page on the app has the feature of sharing your activity on different social media platforms. If you are someone who wants to travel to all the places of the world, this app is going to help you planning your upcoming destination looking at your past journeys.

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