Top 10 Most Valuable Global Brands

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Popularity generates revenue in business. The more popular your brand is, the higher will be your margin of profit. This is the trick. 

Ask yourself, would you want to purchase an expensive asset from some random brand?  Would you not have second thoughts about their credibility? 

Yes, Right? 

For instance, when purchasing a laptop or a particular apparel – you look for reviews, ask friends who have similar commodities, etc. Popularity ensures trust and escalates a sense of assurance, like a warranty for the buyer.

Some Globally Popular Brarestore outlooknds That You Need To Know

“ Successful brands of the future care about people,..

Not about branding .” 

Here are some of the best brands of the world; that have been able to squeeze themselves in the list of globally listed brands. The following are :

1. Apple

No, not the fruit.

 One of the largest and most notable US brands in the sector of consumer technology providers. With a brand value of $947.1 billion, Apple is all set to become the first trillion-dollar brand. Apple stands unique for their soaring degree of diversity and differentiation among their hardware, services portfolio, and even software. 

2. Google

 Second in position competing with Apple. This US-based brand- Google, has become one of the rapid risers in the ranking of brands. There has been a 79%  increase in its brand value, making it up to $819.6 billion.

Google, a component of the media and entertainment sector- has become an essential part of the consumer’s existence. It has got a high rate of dependency.

3. Amazon

This US-based brand in the retail sector has gained quite the popularity. Amazon has been an omnipresent utterance in the context of online delivery facilities. With a ravaging global brands value of $350,273billion, which is 3% more than the previous year.  

Residing in the retail sector, Amazon covers almost every other sector, making it one of the leading brands in the global marketplace. 

4. Tesla

One of the major success stories of the year. Tesla is a US-based automotive company, belonging to the automobile sector. It is headquartered in Austin, Texas. They are the first ones to have introduced battery-run, electric cars in the market. Other items of manufacture include solar panels, solar roof tiles, etc.

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The introduction of electric vehicles was a smart move on Elon Musk-The CEO’s end. Since it has elevated their position from number 47 to number 29, with a soaring brand value of $75.9 billion.

5. Louis Vuitton

One of the first luxury brands to have made its way into the top ten category, globally. This mirrors the rapid inflation in the luxury market across the globe, especially in China. This France-based luxury brand is also one of the first in terms of the European market, to have secured a global recognition. 

Louis Vuitton has witnessed a 64% growth in its brand value, making it up to $124.3 billion.  

6. McDonald’s

This US-based fast food brand has been making the mass satiate across the world. There is literally no one who has not heard of or has not eaten from McDonald’s.

Although it started off as a small, fast food joint. McDonald’s has seen a 27% rise in its brand value, making it up to $196,526 billion. It is currently dominating the sixth position in the global marketplace.

7. L’Oreal

A product of the personal care sector that has been able to make a mark in the global marketplace. This France-based brand has witnessed a 24% growth in the brand value, making it $47,480 billion. 

L’Oreal has attained the title of the world’s most valuable cosmetic global brands.

8. Coca-Cola

Going through the global brands portfolios across the food and drink sector, Coca-Cola has quite the dominance occupying the third position. Another US-based brand to have seen a growth of about 12% in the brand value. The current brand value of Coca-Cola is $89,985 billion.

Although PepsiCo has been in constant competition with Coca-Cola. Listed only Second to Coca-Cola with a brand value of $59.3 billion.

9. Nike

“Just Do It.”

Nike has actually done it. Gaining a position among the top 10.

This brand belonging to the apparel sector, has seen a 31% rise in its brand value. Making it up to $109,601 billion in the global market arena. Nike specializes in sports and gym wear that promises breathable, lightweight comfort, support, and durability. 

10. Verizon

This telecom service provider in the US has been another hit of the global segment this year. With a brand value of $101,962 billion, Verizon is certain to have experienced a considerable hike. Headquartered in New York, this telecom brand is a child company of Verizon Communications. Offers a 5G network.


This list of globally ranking brands has faced massive alterations in due course of the pandemic. The above list is designed in a flash news pattern, giving you a basic outline.