How To Start A New Business With The Gojek Clone App?

Gojek Clone App

The Gojek clone app is a digital market place that facilitates the sale and purchase of on demand services. These services range from on demand taxi booking solutions, to ordering food, groceries, pharmaceutical goods, alcohol and more through a single platform. Apart from this, users may also use the app to hire expert professional service providers such as on demand plumbers, electricians, doctors, nurses or even schedule appointments for car wash and get their cars tow.

This giant application has come to rule the on demand services industry because of the convenience it brings to the table. It helps not only users to find what they are looking for when they want it, it also allows local service providers to find more jobs at prices most suited to them based on market rates and their expertise.

While all of that is happening, new features allow users to shop for products online and getting them deliver to their doorstep as well. For example, a number of restaurants or grocery shops can register into the app and grow their sales.

This business model has also ensured that the entrepreneur that invests in it doesn’t have to actively offer any service, but can sit back and just enjoy the commission that he or she makes from each and every one of the 82 services listed within the app.

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Not looking for such a mammothean enterprise? There isn’t such a high demand for all the services list in the app in your region? Well, don’t you worry! The app comes with a state of the art admin panel r administrator board where the app owner can hide or activate services from.

This means that of the 82, if you only wish to activate 5 or 10 services hoping to expand your range of services at a later point in time based on the response and the market requirements, you can do that as well!

This is a modern day solution for modern day requirements. As more and more people continue to migrate from single service utility apps that clutter their devices to single download and single log in based multi utility apps, this has become the go to solution for most entrepreneurs around the world.


When you start a new business, it sounds easier than the actual footwork involved. While the app itself is excellent, we won’t sell you any myths about the effort that you would have to put in to ensure that it succeeds. Here is a step by step guide to assist you in setting up a whole new business enterprise that is not only successful but also extremely profitable with the help of the Gojek clone app.


Since the business is primarily based on the app, it is crucial that you secure the best and the most feature rich app for your business. Look for a white label company that has been building and launching on demand apps for a while. Their experience and expertise will ensure that the app created by them is a practical market solution.

When you find an app that you like, remember to test it thoroughly in a live environment. Download it on multiple devices and take a look at its operations. Also, make sure that the app is responsive and scalable to suit the needs of your growing business.


The next most important step is to take stock of the market where you plan to launch your app in. this will allow you to see the demand and supply situation so that you can assess the types of services that you wish to activate in your app when you launch it. It will also allow you to see the best time for you to launch it in the market.


You have to make sure that there are adequate numbers of service providers for the activated services within your app. the more the service providers, the higher is the earning through the app. what you want, is basically, to ensure that when your user opens the app to search for a service provider, they can find multiple options to select from.


There may be many solutions in the market currently, but the Gojek Clone App is load with some of the best features that one can ask for. Make sure that you specify and enumerate these features when you promote your brand. If you let your audience know what you are offering and the value addition that your app brings to the table, they will be more inclined to download and use it.


A new business is like a little sapling that needs to be water regularly. Make sure that whatever marketing and promotion efforts that you put in right in the beginning are consistently followed though. You don’t want your users to forget about you!

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