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Buying a new car is a major decision. Some people have never owned a new car in their lives because of the price tag. It’s an investment that should last for at least the time of your loan. If you take really good care of it, you could enjoy a set of wheels for years to come. Before you take the leap, do your homework. Pay attention to the top five things you should consider before a new vehicle rolls on the bottom line.

1. Shop Around

Don’t be impulsive about a new car. There may be a flashy vehicle that has turned your head. Your heart may be set on it. Before you walk into the dealership and sign on the dotted line, look at some other comparable vehicles. Take them on a test drive. Crunch the numbers with the dealers. If you still want your first pick, compare prices with different dealerships in the area. You want to find the dealership where you will get the best price or incentives.

2. Get What You Want

You are about to spend a considerable sum on a vehicle. You should not settle for anything less than one you want. Sit down and make a list of features that are a must. For example, you may prefer heated seats and air-conditioning. A top-notch stereo system could be at the top of your list. You also need to consider if your vehicle will meet your needs. You’ll want four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive if you drive in challenging conditions during the winter months. If you have a family, your vehicle has to be spacious enough for every member of your household. Make sure you get the package you want. If your dealership doesn’t have it, they can find it at another dealer or you can put in a special order.

3. Consider Financing Options

You have many options when it comes down to what you will pay for your new vehicle. You can go with financing provided by the dealership, talk to your bank, or check in with a local credit union. Trading in an old vehicle can help you to bring down the price. If you are fortunate, you may be able to pay in full when you pick up the car. Leasing may be the way to go if you want a lower payment for a shorter length of time. Don’t forget to include the price of car insurance in Montreal when you are considering what you can afford when you purchase your car.

4. Remember that the Customer is Always Right

Set yourself up for success when you walk into the dealership. Know what want when you sit down at the table. Have a list of requirements. It will be up to the salesperson and financing team to meet your requests. If you have a price that is your bottom line, leave no room for argument. If you aren’t happy with how your negotiations are going, walk away. There are more sales lots waiting for your business.

5. Think About a Protection Plan for Your New Car

If you want to have the best results with your car, you’ll need to take good care of it. New cars usually have a three-year or 36,000 warranty. You’ll be covered for most issues in that time period. However, you may want additional protection. If you have a five or six-year loan, consider an extended warranty. You can also purchase plans that will cover damage to your interior, dings, chips in the paint and cracks in the windshield. While it will mean paying more money for the coverage, you won’t have unexpected expenses if there are problems down the line.

You’re getting ready to embark on the adventure of buying a new car. Have fun while you’re at it. Take a spin in as many different vehicles as you can. You may be tugged in a different direction than you expected. Don’t let yourself be trapped in a payment you can’t afford. Find a car you love that comes at a price that won’t hurt your wallet. You’ll enjoy it more until it’s time for the next ride.

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