Top 8 Massage center Software

Massage center Software

Your healthy body is a game-changer for you. A healthy body gives a healthy life. For  the wellness of body massage is one of the best options. Nowadays, the massage becomes very popular for health and wellness, and it is a flourishing business that gives excellent profit.

Massage centers are helping people in a meaningful way by providing the best services to their customers. Massage gives positivity to the mind and body. But in the era of digitalization, to manage everything manually is a difficult task. Technology is bringing the change in every aspect of life and making everything more accessible and smooth.

Massage centers software saving time and money by providing the best features to their clients. There are numerous massage booking centers. In this article, we will discuss different massage center online booking.

Best massage centers for online booking

With the rapid increase in different businesses, massage centers are also growing. To handles, everything from booking to cancellation every massage center needs software to do every task correctly. Here are the top 8 massage centers software.

Let’s get started:


Salonist is the cloud-based salon management software that is specially designed for salons and spas. It provides the best feature of the massage therapy. Salonist easily handle the appointments. It has various functions such as::

  • Salonist offers 24/7 services to book an appointment. So it gives ease to choose the appointment timing even after business hours.
  • Salonist allows you to pay the money through anyway which is suitable for you. It accepts payment through different payment options like stripe,, etc.
  • This massage center helps to manage inventory with 100% accuracy. It will display the product list in the database.
  • It also provides the feature of navigation. This allows you to book an appointment from anywhere and anytime in the world.

It offers exclusive software for massage salons. This software helps to manage everything efficiently and professionally. It has some features are as:

  • It helps to book, cancel or reschedule an appointment.
  • accepts online and on-site payment through POS.
  • This software provides the feature of the calendar too.

Acuity scheduling

Acuity scheduling helps to manage massage therapies with various features that make everything easy to book an appointment. Numerous features of acuity will make it different from other software are:

  • Acuity helps to book an appointment for a specific day and time.
  • The appointment type is dependent on the massage type like Swedish massage, hot stone massage.
  • With the availability of the calendar, you can create a calendar for staff and clients.
  • Send the email to your clients to remind them about their appointment.


Mindbody is a massage center software that works like a weapon in the business             Mindbody simplifies the complex task into the small one by providing extra features. Here are some :

  • It simplifies the task by setting a reminder on the phone or email.
  • The integration with the Facebook page allows the customer to book an appointment from a social media platform as well.
  • Mindbody helps to track the sales and revenue by providing the reports.

Wellness living

Clients always love convenient booking. Wellness living gives an opportunity to book a massage appointment next to your home, office or on the way to go. It provides:

  • Mobile compatibility makes it different from other massage software. It is compatible with android and ios.
  • It keeps both staff and customers connected by sending them an email or SMS notification.
  • This software helps to reduce waste by directly sending them their receipt by email.


Timely is a perfect tool that runs your whole business. Timely help to boost up the business by 30% since it starts integrating. Timely help:

  • To save the time of staff by keeping the record updated by creating the new account and keeping old records updated.
  • It gives clear insights by providing a clear record that where is business is going.
  • By giving packages it engages more customers and increases the profit in the business.


Vagaro is a powerful software. It helps to manage staff and customers seamlessly without any hassle. It is a perfect suite to promote your business with the best marketing tools. It has various advantages :

  • The calendar helps to change the appointment anytime and anywhere.
  • Vagaro enables 24/7 services and it will automatically send the message on your phone by SMS or by email by sending them a notification.
  • It helps to create the custom forms for any liability waiver etc.


Schedulicity is the best option if you want to grow in your massage practice and make your customers happy with secure online scheduling software. It has various features:

  • Schedulicity simplifies your life and grows your business.
  • By clicking on the ‘book now’ button, you can book an appointment.
  • It provides secure payment booking options and better discounts and packages to the customers.

Wrapping up

Above we have discussed different massage center software that will help to increase the profit in your business and by providing the best services to the customers. I hope this article will give benefits to your business.

Thank you for reading!!

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