Gift your fans with bobblehead ninja in the next sports tournament

bobblehead ninja

Gifts to supporters during a contest are going to be full swing this year, as is the tradition. However, the current year promises to be bigger and even better. With teams trying to outdo each other and attract the largest fan base, it’s going to be frenzied and dramatic. Weekend games are a favorite, and fans will always look forward to attending a match where they’ll get the flashiest gift. There are some traditional gifs such as jerseys, however this year, you can do it differently and give each of your fans a bobblehead ninja. The history of bobbleheads and sports is rather an interesting one which we shall discuss in detail below in this text. Keep reading.

Bobbleheads and sports, when did it start?

Maybe we can begin by answering the question, what are bobbleheads? Bobbleheads are collectibles that have been around for over 100 years. The earlier ones featured heads that were connected to the body by the use of springs. They were known as boobers since heads were literally bobbing on the body frame.

In the early years of the 20th century, there was the production of bobbleheads for basketball, and this raised their popularity. There was a decline until the mid-century when people started producing them, albeit in small quantities.

As years progressed, there was the production of bobbleheads for basketball players and other games. There were unique dolls made for various players such as Roger Maris or Mickey Mantle. The earlier products were made of poor quality materials and did not last long. However, over time, the quality improved and bobbleheads become popular for sports function. Teams have since adopted these figurings by giving their fans as gifts.

Ceramic bobbleheads were replaced by plastic bobbleheads, and companies opted for them. The current bobbleheads are designed by qualified artists and resemble real players.

Custom bobbleheads ninjas

Custom bobblehead ninjas resemble real players and capture every feature of the body, including the tattoos, eyes, ears, clothing, and more. Unlike the standard body bobblehead ninjas, these are popular as gift items since you can order one depending on your specifications.

Bobblehead Ninja Company produces high-quality bobbleheads that are highly personalized, depending on your needs.

If you’d like to order a custom bobblehead, you only need to have a photo of your favorite player and send it over for production. You’ll receive proofs or samples before the actual production, and after your approval, you’ll have them delivered before the actual game

Bobblehead ninja gifts for sports, pick some for your fan

Basketball, football, hockey, or baseball. These games attract thousands of fans who cheer on their favorite teams. During upcoming leagues, teams will advertise for a variety of giveaways, and bobbleheads will be among the favorite. As the leagues’ kick-off, this will be a major enticement that will see fans flock the stadium just to go home with this collectible.

If you are planning on gifting your fans, then bobblehead ninjas are a worthy consideration. Game of thrones or star wars blend perfectly with the teams’ themes, and this has been the trend recently. Normally since the year is still new, you can have a schedule of what you plan for the year.

Most fans like planning early and a calendar of events is a good idea. Here, you can highlight the number of bobblehead giveaways for each contest. Each schedule should be more specific, and there should be a name of the bobblehead gift.

The internet offers the best platform to inform your fans of the upcoming matches and giveaways. The fans will surely look forward to each match and will have every reason to attend. Try as much as possible to entice the fans with promotional goodies such as; “the first 10,000 fans to buy the tickets will get each a bobblehead ninja.”

Get straight to the point and mention that each bobblehead will be a replica of a particular player. Fans like specific details, and therefore any small details are important.

Tips when choosing a bobblehead ninja gift

There are a few tips before picking the favorite giveaway for your team. First, you need to research what’s available on the market. As mentioned earlier, the bobblehead ninja company has a wide variety of options. You can order a custom option or select one from the available options. In this case, you’ll need to consider which sportsperson should be produced as a bobblehead.

There is a need to budget ahead since you’ll be spending a lot to please your fans. The advantage of the bobblehead ninja company is that it has amazing discounts on different occasions. Since you’ll be making a bulk order, you’ll greatly benefit from reduced prices.

That’s not all since you have a calendar, it’s important to make your orders early to avoid last-minute hitches and disappointing your fans. Of course, you wouldn’t want to end up with empty bottles on the pitch.

Remember, fans have the potential of making your team win, and therefore planning is an essential consideration. Give the bobblehead gifts when fans are entering the stadium; this ensures it is fairness and everybody has a chance to grab their favorite bobblehead.


Things can only get better this year as teams award fans with bobblehead ninjas. Surely the craze is yet to fizzle out, and fans will get frenzy with each match. For the tournaments to be a success, then bobblehead ninja gifts are necessary. Consider them today by making your orders early, budgeting, and planning early.

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