Top Key Features of Weldsaver 6 + Drawback


Weldsaver 6 + Drawback is a device for safety water flow control, detection of leaks, and catastrophic coolant dump prevention during the welding operation, which are robotic automotive.

The Proteus industry has been the leading and best Weldsaver manufacturers for over twenty years now. With its quick response on leak detection and circuit cooling services, the Weldsaver +drawback provides the most reliable results for commercial and residential industries.

Weldsaver 6 Drawback as an intelligent leak detector

The proprietary algorithm detection feature of Weldsaver 6 Drawback helps determine the changes in velocity flow, which differentiates accurate leaks from temperatures and pressures using a movement effect that takes only 0.3 seconds to send a signal in case of leak identification.

Weldsaver also signals changes in various states and can shut off the welding process when any leakage or cap loss would cause system damages. It attracts water from the cooling pool and closes the valves to ensure no more heating occurs.

Weldsaver +Drawback has recorded reliable and rapid changes in flow leak detection through cap loss, catastrophic applications, and slow leaks where they prevent cooling dumps and weld cells floor on the expensive cap changers.

It is why it makes the best monitoring device for coolant flow or other cooling circuits available in welding operations.

The Top Key Features for Weldsaver 6 Drawback

1.Weldsaver +Drawback has a proprietary algorithm for leak detection which sends a signal or alarm to the system operator or welding machine controller in 0.3 seconds.

2. Weldsaver has a browser-based interface that usually indicates the flow rate and temperature with teach pendants.

3. Weldsaver +Drawback helps decrease the coolant dump effect, which may cause damage by collecting water from the cooling gun circuit where it shuts off in less than one second.

4. It has EtherNet/IP and PROFINET, which acts as interface control options to help display the reading information in a more straightforward and accessible format to read.

5. The user chooses the operating parameters and alarm settings; hence, they only use what they want and set the alarm when they want the device to alert them.

6. Weldsaver has remote valve control ( which opens and closes) to change system states for supporting cap changers and weld guns.

7. In Weldsaver +Drawback, the flow range starts from 6 to 50 LPM or 1.5 to 13 GPM.

8. The temperature of the liquid ranges from 4.0 to 110 degrees Celsius or 39 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit

Advantages of using Weldsaver +Drawback leak detection

1.Availability of safety measures

Weldsaver works efficiently to ensure that system operators and other machine personnel are free from risk resulting from leakage or overheating in engines. Engine overheating leads to the excretion of gases and oil that may cause death or injury risks when they get into contact with fire.

2. It is cost-effective

Weldsaver is the best and most reliable way of detecting leaks than other repair forms of machine and parameters that may get damaged due to water leakage. It is why it would be better if you choose this cheaper form of water leak detection to avoid spending more on repairing the operating system as a result of over flooding or even leak damages.

3. Provision of quick alerts

Weldsaver +Drawback helps in the quicker provision of alerts in case of any leakage; thus, a user can know and solve the problem fast before it brings any trouble to the external environment. It is why we can sometimes refer to the device as a lifesaver.

Weldsaver collects all the functions of controlling the flow, measuring and determining the flow rate, and detecting leaks faster; hence, many people use it in the modern world in their various applications. It also helps in cooling machines or industrial engines which have overheated under high-temperature conditions.

Other industrial applications such as military and IBM supercomputers usually employ Weldsaver + Drawbacks in their cooling operations.


The Proteus manufacturing industry has helped develop technologies such as Weldsaver +Drawback manufacturing which efficiently helps in leak detection and acts as coolant control in various domestic and industrial applications. The device performs perfectly well by sending a signal in about 0.3 seconds in case of a leak occurrence.

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