How to keep your house safe tips and tricks

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When we redecorate a home, we always deal with decoration and beautification. In addition, we have one important task that we must not neglect. It is a matter of setting security measures. We are aware that home security should come first and should remain a priority, especially when we move to a new area. Thieves are everywhere, and they adore the new tenants who have not yet learned everything about the part of the city in which they live. However, the same rule applies to people who have been living in the same place for years – you must defend your home, you never know who is ready to enter the house and rob you. Such experiences are unpleasant and cause a lot of emotional stress, as well as financial loss.

In the following lines, we have prepared a guide for you that will help you secure your home and provide for your family.

 Security cameras

The first step to secure your home is security cameras. Investing in cameras is a sensible investment that will provide you security. Ultimately, if someone wants to rob your home, it will be recorded on camera and you will always have proof that you can submit to the authorities. You will find various security cameras on the market, and your task is to select the ones that fit your budget and the ones that work really well, that is, they have a quality image transmission. If you possess a house, you need 4 cameras, and if you have an apartment, you need 2. What you also need to think about is whether the cameras should be waterproof and whether you need a night shooting mode. Cameras can be very expensive, and that depends on their resolution. The higher the resolution is the more expensive the cameras are. More inexpensive cameras will also have certain limitations, so it is good to find a balance between the price and quality. It is definitely advised that the cameras be made of durable material.

Protect valuables

There are organized groups of thieves who type apartments and houses in which it is known that there is a lot of jewelry, money or paintings with artistic value. You can make a quality safe in your house or rent a safe in which you will find all the valuable things. It is advisable to keep the money in the bank and not to be at home. In addition, it is equally significant what kind of relationship you build with your neighbors. If you have just moved to a new neighborhood, it would be good to meet the people who live next to you as soon as possible and establish friendly relations. Neighbors can always notify you that something strange is happening while you are on the road, so it can help you stay up to date and react in time.

Protect windows and doors

Before you leave the house, always close the windows during the war. It is advisable to repair all the handles and secure the entrances as much as possible, so that burglars cannot get inside. As for the blinds, it is advised that you never lower them all the way down. Because that sends a signal you are not at home. The light should remain on, so that you can see that someone is inside. If you live on the ground floor, it is advisable to install grilles, which cannot be easily broken. Inspect your door to make sure the frames are sturdy, and the hinges are well placed. If you are moving to another house or apartment, be sure to change the door locks. Mobile locksmith can help you with that, and it is good to have a locksmith at any time and he will be able to help you if you have a problem.

Secure the garage

The garage is often neglected, and it becomes more and more attractive to criminals, because it is the entrance to the house. Even if your garage is directly unconnected to the entrance to the home, it is true that you certainly possess valuable things in the garage that would be interesting to thieves. If you have a security code with which you open the garage, then try to keep it secret and never you reveal it to no one but your family members, if they need it.

In addition, it is advisable to lock your Wi-Fi network, especially if you use home automation. When the network is connected to smart devices, it can assist thieves to easily break into the house. With these tips and tricks, we believe you will be capable to save the house in the right way and that you will not get into an awkward situation.

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