Top Food Delivery Apps from around the World

on demand food delivery apps

Food delivery is the buzz today. With so many different kinds of apps that have come into the fray of world’s business, there is hardly any doubt about the fact that each app is coming up with something new and something more exciting to bring to its users.

Let us look around the world for some of the best and the most exciting Food delivery applications in the world:


This is probably the most famous food delivery app in the world. Everyone who is anyone has ordered takeout from Grubhub. The app has a very easy design and a good flow. It makes for a very easy user experience.


The name might not convey an appetite or hunger but the app is very well made to ensure that anyone can order food in an absolutely seamless way. The process of registering as a food delivery driver too is super simple. What’s more, the app has been so popular that it is running across 600 cities all over the United States of America.


It’s such a cute name for a food delivery app. Reminds you of someone dashing to the door and bringing you food. The app actually does that only. It allows people to place food orders and then the app assigns someone to pick the order up and deliver it to our doorstep.

food delivery app

They are slightly more unique than the other service providers because they have a great scoring system to improve the performance of the driver as well as the restaurant. It is called Doordash Delight and Doordash Score.


This one is quite popular in eastern countries. The app has a very fluid design and its various filters help in finding the food you really want to eat easily. The app is a quite user-friendly that way. They do have a delivery charge depending upon the distance and the demand. However, they have some very good free food delivery offers as well.


Another name rising popularly in the market is Swiggy. The best thing about the Swiggy app is that it keeps coming up with the most unique and useful offers for the people. People love freebies, so, they will most certainly love it when someone gives them the chance to order their favorite meals at amazing discounts.


Foodler is also known for a cashless transaction and at the same time, the food delivery services are great too. One thing that makes it different is payment modes. Many other food delivery apps only allow payment through credit and debit card payments on the name of cashless payment. But, Foodler accepts payments in Bitcoin as well as Foodler bucks. Well, everyone knows about Bitcoin, it is a type of cryptocurrency. Foodler bucks are the collection of reward points that can be used to order food online.


Here, let’s not include Uber’s taxi services; it’s about food delivery services that are provided through Uber. Uber and UberEats are two different mobile applications and their services are also different but both are from same ventures. It is one and the only food delivery app that is providing their food delivery services to the highest number of cities all around the world. Many features are same in Uber and UberEats like cashless transaction and estimated delivery time.


Postmates is quite different from other food delivery apps as Postmates is not food delivery app. It provides delivery services that deliver everything including alcohol. It picks up the product or item that you’ve ordered from the store and delivers it to your doorstep. Postmates do not do a partnership with the restaurant as it does not count them as a food delivery app but we do.

Postmates provide their services in more than 100 cities throughout the United States. It charges a very small amount of delivery fee on everytime order is placed. They even increase the delivery fee if there is peak time but you can overcome this additional fee by subscribing Plus Unlimited plan that will allow you to get your food delivered without paying any delivery charges. All you have to do is just some amount of fee while subscribing the plan.

Delivery.Com is somewhat similar to Postmates as it not only delivers food, it also delivers groceries, alcohol, wines and you can even get laundry services too. Their services are free of cost as they do not apply any charges on delivery. The app is free to use and it covers almost every city of the United States.

Having your own Food Delivery App

Entering the realms of food delivery is the most exciting thing to do in the present time. With more and more people trying to enter this industry, you will have to bring in your fair share of creativity in the application. However, the application’s most essential component should be that it makes it very lucrative and easy for the customer to purchase food.

It should also have to be easy for the delivery driver to ensure that they can register in it and follow the directions mentioned. Most drivers aren’t very comfortable with technology so make sure that the application that you have is easy for them.

On the whole, just do a whole lot of research before you kickstart your own business. Make sure that you know exactly what the people are looking for and how you can maximize your benefits for yourself.

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