Most Profitable Business Ideas for Mexico

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Mexico is quite the bustling place for where good business can be done. Foreign investment and businesses have been thriving here since the past 5 or 6 years. This is why a lot of people are trying to find new and unique business ideas that will help them make a whole lot of profit with little or no investment. So, if you too are on the same train trying to make a new business for yourself with the help of a unique idea that is not only profitable but also quick in terms of getting your returns, then it is probably time for you to read this blog. Here we are trying to curate and list some of the most exciting and profitable business ideas for Mexico.

You will be able to make a whole lot of money if you do it right and not have to worry about your future at all! But before we get into what businesses you should get into, let us take a look at which ones you should keep at bay.

Let’s take a look at the best business ideas for Mexico


Mexico is a place which experiences a lot of tourist activity. But have you ever heard of the word “saturation” and “competition”? There are so many people trying to offer a solution for a need which no longer exists. Hotels (unless really big budget) won’t do too well because there are too many options available. Street food joints or any general restaurant will also not do too well because, well, there’s already a lot. So, don’t walk that route. Try to involve yourself in a business which is new and has a lot of scopes.

Car Rentals

Like we just mentioned in the above point, this business to has gotten saturated. There are too many companies offering car rentals. However, what you can do is giving the people the option of a chauffeured car rental. This means they don’t have to submit their documents or anything at all when they need to rent a car. They simply hire a cab that stays with them for a fixed duration of time at a fixed rate. This is really easy for the customers and safe for you as an entrepreneur as well.

Marijuana For Medical

Though marijuana is still illegal for commercial as well as or sale but legal for medical use. You can grow your cannabis and can only supply for medical use only. Well, there are many great hospitals in Mexico where cancer patients are given medical marijuana which slowdowns the leukemia cells. You can have a partnership with all those hospitals can provide them with enough amount of cannabis every time when it is required.

Businesses to invest in

On demand Doctor

Unfortunately, Mexico isn’t known for its medical prowess or excellence in health care facilities. This is one very big reason why certain tourists are wary of making a trip to Mexico. With the Uber for Doctors solution, you will be offering your customers a unique way of availing medical facilities instantly using an app.

On Demand Maid Service

Once again, a digital way of calling a maid is a very good solution. This is the best way to allow your users who come for a longer duration to Mexico to be able to hire Maids On Demand using an app.

Vet On Demand

Well, Mexico is one the best land that is popular for ranches, farms, horses etc. To keep their animals safe and coordinated, farmers and ranch owners keep dogs. In summers, many of their dogs go unfit due to the increasing temperature. However, it is very difficult to find a veterinary doctor to take care of those farmers as well as the ranch owner’s dogs. If you have any knowledge about taking care and treating pet dogs then this can your great business.

To make it more convenient and reliable business for customers, consider buying a vet on demand app. It will allow your customers to check your availability as well as they can even schedule an appointment to get their pet dogs treated.

On Demand Car Wash

More than 50,000 people from South America and North America visits Mexico to enjoy their festival season. Most of them travel with their own vehicles and running so long, of course, makes the vehicles wet and dirty. After they enjoy their festival, the only thing find is car washing services which are already filled everywhere.

You can invest in starting up a new business of car washing services. You just have to purchase yours on demand car wash app and place to wash cars. There you go, your business is live in the market. The on demand car wash app will help in taking car wash appointments regularly.

All services On demand

This is a simple solution to hire any kind of professional using a single mobile application. With this app, your customers can simply tap on the screen of their cell phones and hire a service provider based on their requirement instantly.

on demand services

The only thing you must keep in mind while going digital is to purchase the app from a reliable source, who has experience in building on demand apps. The Mexican market needs special attention like the Mexican Payment Gateways and the Spanish app with Mexican Peso as the currency in it.

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