Top 5 Farming Companies in India 2023

TK Agro Pvt Ltd

In the heartland of agriculture, India stands tall as a leading nation in farming and agribusiness. With its rich soil, diverse climate, and skilled workforce, India has nurtured several farming companies that have not only transformed the agricultural landscape but also contributed significantly to the nation’s economy. As we step into 2023, let’s explore the top 5 farming companies in India that are making remarkable strides in the agricultural sector.

TK Agro Pvt Ltd

TK Agro Pvt Ltd, established in 1995, has been a beacon of innovation and progress in the agricultural landscape of India. Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Murtaza Jawadwala (CEO), the company has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and a deep-rooted commitment to transforming Indian farming methods.

At TK Agro Pvt Ltd, the vision extends far beyond the ordinary. They aspire to be the most preferred brand in the farming and agriculture sector across India. Rooted in a deep belief in the potential of modern farming techniques, they aim to promote agriculture to new heights. They expect agriculture not just as a profession but as the foundation of a healthier and better India.

With three decades of experience and knowledge, TK Agro stands as the backbone of India’s agricultural growth. Their dedicated and trained workers are the driving force behind their success. They began with the vision of developing cost-effective and time-saving agricultural machinery to alleviate the burdens of farmers. Today, their legacy continues, marked by their specialization in full-frame cultivators, a testament to the uniqueness of their brand.

ITC Agribusiness Division

The ITC Agribusiness Division is an essential division of the Indian conglomerate ITC Limited. This division is at the cutting edge of sourcing, processing, and exporting a diverse range of agricultural commodities, including soybeans, coffee, wheat, pulses, spices, and oilseeds.

With a strong presence in India’s agricultural sector, the division works closely with farmers to improve productivity and revenue. This partnership is possible through a broad network of 4,000 village-level procurement centers. Notably, the division is essential in obtaining large quantities of wheat and soybeans.

Furthermore, ITC Agribusiness Division expands its reach into the consumer market by offering various packaged food goods under the well-known brand name “Aashirvaad.” This selection includes wheat flour, different spices, and simple ready-to-eat meals. Furthermore, through its subsidiary, ITC Dairy, the division has expanded its horizons into the dairy industry.

Mahindra Agribusiness

Mahindra Agribusiness is a subordinate of Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, a significant Indian multinational corporation with operations in various industries. Mahindra Agribusiness is dedicated to the agricultural sector and operates along the entire agri value chain, from seed to market.

To meet the needs of farmers, the company offers a variety of products and services, such as crop care solutions, irrigation systems, tractors, farm machinery, and financial services. It also provides contract farming services to farmers, such as production planning, crop selection, and marketing assistance.

With over 2500 dealers,  40,000 channel partners, and 4500 retail outlets, Mahindra Agribusiness has a substantial presence in the Indian agriculture market. The company’s operations have also expanded to several other nations, including the United States, China, Australia, and several African countries.

Mahindra Agribusiness has been involved in several projects to promote sustainable agriculture, including using precision agriculture techniques, reducing crop waste, and promoting organic farming.

Godrej Agrovet Limited

Godrej Agrovet Limited is a part of Godrej Industries Limited, a prominent Indian company with holdings in various industries. Godrej Agrovet primarily operates in the agribusiness industry and has a diverse product portfolio, including animal feed, crop protection, oil palm, dairy, poultry, and processed foods.

The company’s animal feed business, which provides feed for poultry, cattle, aquaculture, and pets, is one of the largest in India. Its crop protection business offers farmers various agrochemicals, seeds, and bio-products to increase crop yields and protect crops from pests and diseases.

Godrej Agrovet has a substantial presence in the Indian and Indonesian oil palm sectors, where it cultivates, harvests, and processes palm oil. The dairy division of the corporation is run by Creamline Dairy, a subsidiary that manufactures and distributes milk and milk-based products.

The company also has a processed foods division that sells packaged food products under the brand names “Real Good Chicken” and “Yummiez.”

National Agro Industries

National Agro Industries is an Indian firm that manufactures agricultural gear and equipment. The company’s product line includes seed drills, cultivators, plows, rotary tillers, and harvesters.

National Agro Industries has been manufacturing agricultural machinery for over four decades and has a significant presence in the Indian industry. The company also exports its products to many nations, including the United States, Europe, and Africa.

In addition to its main agro machinery business, National Agro Industries offers various services to farmers, including training and support.

The company is dedicated to sustainability and has been involved in several efforts to encourage sustainable agricultural practices. National Agro Industries has also invested in innovative technology to boost product efficiency and lessen the environmental effects of its operations.

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