Top 9 B2B Digital Marketing Strategies for 2024

b2b digital marketing strategies

Do you wish your business to remain on top or not? Yes, of course.

If you wish, then enhance your B2B strategies approach.


By following the proven digital marketing practices of the recent year.


This will help you evaluate your current strategies and facilitate you in implementing the right practices to contribute to your overall business growth.

Hence, this blog will assist you in letting you know the best B2B practices to implement in the upcoming year.

Best B2B Digital Marketing Strategies Prediction for 2024

AI Assistance

You must be familiar with AI (Artificial Intelligence). It has taken each industry and every business operation by storm. Hence, marketing is no exception.  

So, if you want your business to stay updated, start practising AI to facilitate your marketing strategies. There are different tools you can use to create effective marketing campaigns.

For example, if you have a CV agency in Dublin, you can create a website for your business and utilize ChatGPT, an AI tool, to create content clusters and code elements for your website. 

Implementing Video Marketing

There are numerous practices to level up your business growth. However, the most recommended and proven marketing strategy is the creation of short videos. The content delivered through videos will dominate the field because of its versatility and the capability to present viewers with information in a short period.

Besides, the stats below will show you the power of delivering video content.

  • On average, an adult views 40 hours of video content each month.
  • Around 65 per cent of social video viewers watch short videos or reels on Facebook
  • Almost 170 million videos are watched on TikTok in one minute.
  • Viewers spend around 90 per cent of their time on pages having videos.

So, approach the upcoming year by applying this strategy.

Utilizing Automation

Now, incorporating automation in every business operation is the latest practice. If you want your B2B strategies to yield maximum results, start applying automation to speed up your tasks. This includes software that will help you do your tedious marketing work instantly.

What you can do is;

  • Perform your email management work with the help of automation.
  • You can collect any of your campaign-related data through marketing automation tools.
  • A scheduling tool will help in posting your content on the pages.
  • With the help of automation, you can segment your leads.

Incorporating Personalization

One of the B2B practices that will exist is the incorporation of personalization. Now, businesses are looking for marketers who deliver personalized content. As businesses have more options, they won’t settle for generic advertising content.

Personalization aims to engage the audience and keep them interested for a longer period. Hence, you can personalize your marketing in the following aspects.

This includes;

  • Greetings on Websites.
  • Subject Lines of Email.
  • Search Results of Websites.
  • Recommendations of Products.

Sustainable Marketing

An upcoming and most favourable B2B strategy is sustainable marketing. Around seventy-five per cent of millennials believe sustainability should be considered a top priority.

If looking at the stats of millennials alone, they will represent around eighty per cent of the global workforce by the year 2025. Hence, a shift in priorities for companies is expected.

Therefore, it is essential to highlight all the aspects related to sustainability when doing marketing for your business. For example, you can include, that you are using clean energy, eco-friendly packaging etc. 

Advanced Usage of ABM

ABM stands for account-based marketing. ABM is done to create highly specific and personalized campaigns that target particular people or accounts. In 2024, businesses are planning to invest more in ABM because of its effective use. This helps in giving better conversion rates.

So, if you haven’t planned your ABM strategy yet, just keep in view the following things to develop one effectively.  

  • Try creating focused content, i.e., developing custom content for your accounts to catch the account holder’s attention.
  • Evaluate your sales funnel and ensure it works for your target account.

Decisions Based on Data

When applying any B2B strategy, try to make your decisions based on data. In the contemporary era, obtaining data is not a big deal. You can easily get marketing data and make the most of it.

You can use a tool like MarketingCloudFX to gather and process data. Also, you can get insights into your audience and campaigns through it. Further, it has certain benefits, which are shared below.

  • You can engage your audience in an effective and better way.
  • You can improvise your campaign and its performance.
  • You can see the visible difference in getting more clients.

Genuine Marketing

The most appreciative marketing strategy of the year 2023 is genuine marketing. You know what? People are now exhausted with the redundant content, which in actuality doesn’t represent a brand.

They want to see the true picture of the business. For example, if you are providing the best CV writing service in Ireland, people want to see what terms you are best and different from others.

Well, you can make a difference by following the tips listed below.

  • State your company mission and vision.
  • Be transparent or honest with your audience.
  • Develop a style that is truly yours and reflects your business.

Focus on Data Privacy

Lastly, you have to take measures to protect your user’s data privacy. It is so crucial that you can’t ignore it. Nowadays, people are more concerned about their privacy, which even brings companies like Meta under scrutiny. The protection of data is important not only from the user’s point of view but also for businesses.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to secure your website. You can do this by following certain pointers mentioned below.

  • Usage of SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) certificate on website.
  • Regularly update your website security software.
  • Usage of strong passwords.
  • Scan your website continuously.


What is the biggest difficulty in B2B marketing?

The biggest difficulty we face while doing B2B marketing is understating the target audience. It is important to understand the audience well to yield optimal results.

What is a B2B writer?

A B2B writer creates articles, essays, emails, white papers, and other writing-related material for companies that sell them to other companies.

How profitable is B2B copywriting?

B2B copywriting is profitable and very much in demand. On average, the B2B copywriter earns around $122,000 annually.

Wrap Up!

Well, wrapping it up! Marketing is not as easy as you think. You have to do a lot of research to implement the right kind of strategies. Business growth is highly dependent on an impactful marketing strategy. You cannot run your business in isolation. You are supposed to apply diverse practices to evaluate which strategy is working in your situation. Also, you need to be flexible when incorporating any marketing strategy. Hence, these were some effective B2B digital marketing strategies presented in the blog. You can take advantage of these and can improvise your approach for the upcoming year.

Just Follow Trending B2B Practices!