Top 7 Complications Faced By UX Designers


The User Experience (UX) is very important for every business website. Many people think that user experience is optional, but the fact is UX is the essential component of any website. UX is needed for your website to thrive.

According to some studies and surveys, there is a visible increase in satisfaction level of businesses, retention, and also an increase in monthly revenue. Now it looks exciting to become a UX Designers, but it is not that simple.

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Every user experience designer is normally tried his/her best to crack the code of UX. Although there are so many new tools and technologies to develop a UX Design still there are many difficulties that are facing during the designing of UX that become a hindrance for consumer’s better experience and satisfaction.

Common UX Design Complications and its Solution:

Hey! If you are a UX Designers, so you don’t need to be a worry. Fortunately, I am here for discussing some complications of UX Design with their solutions also. Come on, let’s check them out:

1. Lack of Understanding: 

Before doing anything, you must have enough knowledge about what are you going to do. Many people have created a misconception about what they are doing. They don’t have any clear image of their work. Proper understanding of doing anything with reasoning is very necessary.

This is the biggest issue of UX designing, which is a lack of understanding about what you do. The multi-featured nature of UX design is not bothering anyone. Many people think that UX Design means making things look good. But this is not the fact.


If you are a UX Designers, then this is your responsibility to set your goals and expectations. Then understand what you are going to start, also explaining the customer’s kick-off with your stakeholders. Provide proper updates of your work to your colleagues and discuss with them about your work.

2. Job List Changing:

Quite possibly the most widely recognized difficulties in the always-changing rundown of UX job titles. There are UX writers, UX researchers, usability analysts, and information architects, to name a few. To position yourself in the industry, it is important to stay informed. User experience design is such a vast field; Over time, the role of a UX designers has diversified into many different areas of specialization. 

Organizations are employing an ever-increasing number of experts to zero in on specific parts of UX. For example, data planners, UX scientists, UX authors, and ease of use investigators.


The solution to this problem requires a lot of research. A good idea is to read a web design hiring guide to get an idea of the responsibilities of the different job descriptions. This will help you build your brand and increase your chances of getting hired faster.

3. Time and Budget Consideration:

The hardest thing in every job and business is to maintain budget and time. You may face once in a career of UX designing, the shortage of time and money while conducting your research. As a UX designers, you know that researching is a crucial part of your design. It takes a lot of your time, attention, and intelligence.


If you think that skipping the research phase, then this is not possible your work and design are based on your research. What you have to do is to make a proper Work Ground and assign each task a specific time slot.

The other thing is to focus on pooling your resources in your given budget. You can use some tried-and-tested methods for doing quick and efficient research in the given budget.

4. Reducing the Gap between Design and Development:

Design and Development are interconnected to each other. Design is useless without development, and similarly, development is nothing without a design. They both are collaborated to make the one desired outcome.

The transition from design to development is the most difficult task. The way a UX designers solves problems is not the same as that of developers. While the designer thinks about the user journey, the developers try to find out what will be technically practical for them.

If the developers and designers have no connection then process and product both can suffer hardly. The main problem is lack of communication, knowledge gaps, and unpredicted quality assurance.


The best solution is to communicate carefully, this often removes obstacles between designer and developer. Knowledge sharing is another solution to this problem. Take some time to understand how developers work and face the challenges in their developing phase.

5. Complicated and Confused Chatbots:

In the last few years, the use of chatbots is increasing day by day because chatbots are useful for improving conversions and solving client service problems. They work as an immediate virtual assistant and have been helpful for many organizations. But they are not as simple and not always user-friendly.

In few cases, Chatbots are not enough smart to solve the client’s issues. But sometimes they become annoying and may give wrong answers; this can lead o poor user experience.


Chatbots should focus on the conversational user experience, instead of just trying to solve a problem quickly or provide an intelligent response. And this can be done by including smarter AI systems that use machine learning to get clues to emotional intelligence and interaction. 

This technology virtually helps chatbots learn useful and relevant answers for different situations so they can improve with each interaction.

6. Enterprise UX Challenges:

If you work as an enterprise user experience developer, then you may face many more challenges. It can cause more complexities because enterprise accounts may have different needs and requirements. There will be more responsibility and admin pressure because the design may contain too many products, and CEO may want products scalability, efficiency, and efficacy.


The best solution to these enterprise UX challenges is dividing every task into multiple phases and stages, then one by one solve the subtask first, then integrate all the subtasks and infers an outcome that you desired.

7. Product Display:

In terms of selling products online, the main drawback is that you don’t know what you’ll get until it appears. With the availability of multiple online sales options, brands should always try to build trust and communicate why customers need to use their products.

Only product images and reviews of previous purchases may not be enough, especially since all retailers use these strategies these days.


Technology and slightly creativity can help in this area. Online sellers are now using virtual reality and virtual reality tools to create 3D product models for a virtual primary shopping experience that was difficult before. By using this type of technology, consumers can see precisely what a product would look like in real life by simply using their mobile phones.


With time, many challenges are faced by UX/UI designers. The website designers need to face these challenges so that they can boost up the user experience. You must keep in your mind that every problem has a solution.

Author Bio: Jassica Marry is a senior content marketer at YourDigiLab, assisting clients from different industries with their marketing efforts. With hands-on experience in delivering high-quality content for a wide array of topics, she is exceeding the expectations of clients.

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