Exploring the Top Beard Styles for Your Ideal Personality

Beard Styles

Short Beard Styles

A beard style can change a man’s look. There are many beard styles for men to look stylish. It depends on the face cuts and also on the personality (tall or short) of the man. If you want to look stylish in a short time then a short beard style is the best choice for you. There is no need for much time and effort to look stylish. It will take a maximum of one or two weeks and it is very easy to maintain. The following are the tips to maintain a short beard style.

  • Regular trimming of the beard
  • Wash your beard daily
  • Apply the best moisturising hair oil

There are different types of short beard styles for men

Goatee Beard

When we talk about facial hair then it is the best style between a full beard and moustache. It is a fantastic look for those who are interested in maintaining it and also for those whose beard and chin areas are connected and it could be the best style for them. If your moustache and beard areas are not connected then you should choose the different styles according to your face. And if you think that this style is suitable for you then with little effort you can get most out of this awesome look.

Scruffy Beard

A scruffy beard relates to facial hairs that are relatively shorts and are probably 2 to 5mm length. There is no specific shape accompanying the scruffy beard. It looks different on different face cuts. If you are not comfortable with one style then you can try another. 

It is necessary to trim the beard to look scruffy because it needs to stay short. If the bear grows too long then it looks like a typical beard.

Faded Beard

Faded beard style is the perfect combination between muscularity, style and grooming. These short beard styles make you smart, professional and a little bit Lively. This style adds depth and structure that allow you to tailor your beard exactly to match your face shape and personality. This style makes you look precise and single minded about your look.

Hollywoodian Beard

Hollywoodian beard style is all about looking stylish, pure and fearless. It is best for those who want to look bumpy without going too over. It is definitely the most authentic beard style.

  1. Long Beard Styles

It is a reality that a man looks good with ful, long beard style. If you want to choose a long beard then you have to make a commitment and also wait but its results make everything worth it. Now if you select a long beard style for you, then it will make it easy for you to keep up the look once you have achieved the length you want. Long beard men look so disciplined, respected and powerful. There is research that beard men have higher social status than clean-shaved ones. Now if you have grown up your beard then following long beard styles groom your personality. The following are the tips to maintain a long beard style.

  • Do not shave and trim beard
  • Condition your beard with beard oil to keep it soft and thick.
  • Brush your beard daily to keep it smooth
  • Wash your beard with beard shampoo

There are many long beard styles for different face cuts

Viking Beard

All beard fans want to grow an eye-catching beard that is long in size and thick. Viking beard style is related to the Nordic region of Europe and it has become the sign of historic heritage and manliness. This unique hairstyle is distinguished by its rocky appearance and has a cultural importance.

Ducktail Beard

The most attractive feature of ducktail beard style is its versatileness. It suits different face shapes no matter whether you have square, oval or round face shapes. It looks like a ducktail due to a widened chin. This beard style has a long chin, short sides and a jawline that is extended outward and meets to the chin, and the area of moustaches is kept cleaned and trimmed.

To grow a ducktail beard you should grow a full face beard and it will take 4-8 months. When it grows to its full length then you can shape it as ducktail beard style.

Verdi Beard

Verdi beard style has a historical importance. It is distinguished by its full length and trimmed looks. It is as popular as in ancient times and the modern age. It has great historical, cultural and personal expressions. 

A verdi beard is 3-6 inches in length along with long moustaches curled on the both sides.