Best Mobile Applications For Ambulance Services

Uber for Ambulance App

Ambulance services can be helpful to anyone at any place according to the requirement. Basically, ambulance services are taken when a person is seriously injured or not in a condition to reach hospital by its own. An ambulance service even provides a temporary life-saving treatment to the patient or a seriously injured person until it reached to hospital.

There are different types of ambulances as well as its services. Some hospital has their own ambulance services and they are seen in the big hospital. Also, there are hospitals that can’t afford to purchase their own ambulance as well as their maintenance. So, these hospitals hire third-party ambulance services to keep their patients in better conditions. In many rural areas in every country, more than one thousand people die just because of ambulances not reaching at the correct time.

However, there are some outstanding ambulance services providing companies that are serving their services in both urban as well as rural hospitals too. These ambulance service providing companies are well equipped with the on demand mobile application that becomes convenient for the patients who are not reachable to the hospitals or medical centres.

Here is a list of the best on demand mobile apps that provide outstanding ambulance service

Medical ID

It is better known as an emergency app. Medical ID app is available for both the popular mobile platform i.e., Android as well as iOS. The first thing you have to do in this app is to create your profile and add all the necessary details. This application also has an emergency button which is always available on the lock screen. Whenever an individual finds him or herself dealing with a heart attack or any other major problem, he or she can simply tap on this button and the nearest ambulance will be on its way for help.


It is quite a popular app as it is one of the oldest emergency ambulance service app. ICE is a GPS enabled a mobile application that also has the feature of emergency alarm button. ICE even allow the user to set an emergency message or call to any contact so that if any emergency appears, he or she can handy with this app.

SOS Emergency

This mobile app is one of the best emergency apps in the whole world. It offers amazing numbers of features that are actually helpful for the people who require emergency medical help. Well, SOS Emergency is also a GPS enabled app and also include worldwide emergency numbers. It even has the hotkeys for different situations. If someone requires an ambulance, that individual just has to tap on the right hotkey and the ambulance will arrive in a few minutes. Not only ambulance, if there is any crime scene, but you can also even call cops with just a single tap.

Uber For Ambulance

An ambulance service business is not a bad idea. You can start your own ambulance service providing business. But, to make it successful consider purchasing uber for ambulance app. It will help many people to reach hospitals on time. Get your uber for ambulance app today!

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