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bike taxi apps

You may have experience travelling through a bike and may have also found it one of the most convenient way to commute from one place to another. Of course yes! It is true that the small will be the vehicle, the more convenient will it become to move on the roads. However, it may make you a bit uncomfortable but still, it is a way much better medium to travel.

Many countries are still facing the congestion problem in their every major city. Well, ride-sharing is a great concept of sharing rides. The ride-sharing concept was out to cut down the congestion level on roads. But, it seems like this concept is not being adopted by the daily commuters. People are still traveling to their working places, home, hotels etc with accepting ride-sharing.

Ride-sharing can be the future of taxi services but to balance road congestion, bike taxi services should consider more. There are very less bike taxi services all around the globe. But, all of them are more reliable as well as cost friendly taxi service in comparison with cabs.

Consider taking a look at the best bike taxi apps


Baxi is known to be India’s first bike taxi service providing company. It is one of the best bike taxi services provides company. The app is simply amazing and people it the most affordable taxi service in history. Baxi only allows drivers who have a driving license. It even provides helmets as well as the hair net that keep the rider’s hair & head safe.


After getting success in cab taxi and ride-sharing concept, Uber has now come with their own bike taxi service providing firm called Uber Moto. Uber Moto is Uber’s bike taxi service that seems more convenient in those countries where more congestion exists on the roads throughout a day. There is not a different app for Uber’s bike taxi service. Uber Moto exists inside the start Uber mobile app. Uber is already on its way to expand and very soon it will be available in many Southeast Asian countries. However, If GoJek gives Uber a chance then only as the Southeast Asian market is incomplete of two market giants, GoJek & Grab.


Well, Rapido is also an India based bike taxi service startup company. It has become one of the leading bike taxi service providing company and is also getting popular outside India too. Rapido not only provide bike sharing services but it also offers delivery services too. The company provide their services through their iOS or Android. It also offers their service via Facebook Messenger bot too.

Bike Taxi Business App…

It does not matter that bike taxi services are not capable of providing a luxurious ride experience. However, it is and it will always be the best road traveling medium. If you are planning or the same business, then make sure you have a bike taxi app to provide the bike taxi services in a convenient way.

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