Tips to Write an Article That Ranks High & Drive More Traffic

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In this digital space, establishing yourself as a thoughtful leader is more challenging than ever. One of the trends you have to follow to build your online presence is to share resourceful articles. Of course, sharing high-quality articles will make your content rank high and get more traffic. But, you have to be aware of how to write a quality article to rank at the top of search results in Google. 

Get to know that writing an article that ranks on Google is very easy, but you have to focus on a few tips and tricks to generate more leads. The profitable strategy you focus on is SEO. Hopefully, with the best SEO practices, you can rank your content at the top on Google. One of the best SEO strategies is improving text quality. Therefore, many writers use a free word counter online to enhance the readability of an article. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your article rank at the top.

Best SEO Practices to Make Your Content Get Top on the Search Results

#1 Determine Your Niche

The first and most important thing before writing an article is that you have to find out your niche and target audience. Understanding your audience will help curate the keywords that rank your content on the search results. It means you have to do keyword research and choose a non-competitive keyword with a high search volume. Using the ideal keyword increases the chance of getting your content to rank high. 

#2 Select the Inspiring Topic That Includes Right Keyword

If you are writing an article, the most important thing you must focus on is writing a compelling topic that gets noticed. Be thoughtful while curating the topic, and include keywords to make your article more explorable. You can get the topic ideas by searching on the internet and, with great inspiration, writing up the topic in a way that makes readers tap on the content. Be intent with your topic selection and attract potential customers to your website. 

#3 Write Up a High-Quality Content

Whenever you are writing an article, you must remember that the article’s quality impacts SEO ranking. Whatever the article’s word length, it should be focused on structuring the articles well and ensuring each paragraph has a specific word length of 4 to 6 sentences.

If you are curating an article to rank high, you must consider the following factors. They are: 

Introduction: To engage the reader with your article, you have to know that your introduction should be catchy and compelling. In addition, it should tell the readers what you will talk about throughout the article. So they have the answer and engage with your article. 

Article Length: In many aspects, creating and sharing longer-form articles is better to rank the content at the top. If you write a 1,000+ word article, you can rely on a free word count checker to stick with the length. Therefore, you can save time and effort by limiting the article’s length. 

Avoid Jargon Words: Writing your article as simply as possible will improve the conversation of the articles. Using complex or jargon words will make your readers leave the article. So use the simple words and keep your article more readable.

Sub-Topic: Each sub-topic should describe what you will say to keep the audience engaged. At the same time, limiting the word count of each sub-topic will help you convey only the important information. In addition, you can structure the content, use proper formatting, and write short paragraphs, making your content more readable. 

Keywords: The placement of keywords is important to rank your content. Ensure to place keywords wherever necessary and quickly make your content noticeable when readers search for the information using similar keywords.

Conclusion: Being a writer, get to know that conclusion is one of the most essential parts that convey wholly what you have discussed in the article. Straight to the point, the conclusion summarizes the entire article. 

#4 Make Your Content Readable

Writing a long paragraph doesn’t make sense that your readers read the article fully. Even if you write 2,000+ words, readers should understand by skimming. So how could you make it? It’s by formatting your article. 

Here are some tips for formatting your article.

  • Write clear headlines and the conclusion of your article.
  • Break up each paragraph into shorter and limit sentences from 4 to 6.
  • Highlights the words wherever necessary.
  • Use numbering lists and bullet points.

Focusing on these tips, you can make your content more readable and include the links wherever necessary to rank at the top of search results online.

#5 Optimize the Elements

Optimizing factors such as meta title and meta description is more important to increase the chance of making your content rank at the top. The best practice is to write the catchy meta title and description and include the keywords. This builds trust and paves the way for success. 

Wrapping It Up

In a nutshell, following these tips while writing your article will help to rank your content high and drive more traffic. However, you can build your authority with the best practices like link building. So stick with the SEO rules when writing an article and ensure your success rapidly.