I Live In A Camper Van: Tips To Build A Creative Truck Cap Camping

truck cap camping

Does the outdoors excite you? Are you planning to make a van your home? Well, that’s pretty cool and living in a camping van is a unique adventure. Yes, we know it’s fun and adventurous, but things are not as easy as it seems on the surface, especially in this case. You are not just traveling in this van; you are living in it!

You need to build your camp in a way so as to make sure everything is kept in an organized manner. You can’t afford to organize things every time you drive, and things start falling off. This is just one issue – if we look clearly, there will be many such issues cropping up. Thus, we are here to tell you how you can creatively build a camping truck that suits your needs well. 

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Tips To Build a Creative Truck Cap Camping:

The tips for building a creative truck cap camping are as follows, 

1. Simple Sleeping

The most important thing about your camping truck is a good sleeping space. Without a good sleeping space, you can’t imagine going on any adventure. Thus, you need to focus on building a comfortable sleeping space for yourself. Make comfort and simplicity your priorities. Also, keep safety in mind, especially from desert animals who can attack during the night. 

2. Solar Lighting

It’s not as complex as it sounds in the beginning. Solar lighting is a pretty cool alternative to using ordinary electricity. Of course, you don’t need lights in the morning but what about at night. A small torch or those minute truck lights are of no use. Thus, getting lights that run on solar power is a good option – the lights can get charged in the morning and light your world up at night. 

3. DIY Drawers

Naturally, no van comes with a bunch of drawers. But where will you keep your essentials without drawers? As a result, let’s face it, you need drawers, and you have to build them on your own. For instance, you could try out wheeled latching drawer-type boxes attached under the bed for storing tiny objects. 

4. Drawing Drapes

Even if you are living in a truck, it’s only normal you would want (rather, need) some privacy. Now for obtaining the much-needed privacy, you need to get hold of a few drapes. Drapes are your source of privacy. Moreover, these will also help you decorate your living space. Drapes are perhaps one of the most useful camper shell interior ideas that you can’t do without!

Wrapping Up: 

Camping out for the weekend might seem like a really fun idea, but when you are planning on living in a camping van, it’s a whole different ball game. You have no idea where life will take you – staying prepared to meet all odds is your only solution. Thus, stay prepared at all costs when you are on the road. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your backs and set the adventurer inside you free today!

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