19 Fascinating Thoughtful Gifts for Managers


Choosing the most appropriate gift for your manager could be tricky and challenging. After all, your reputation is at stake and you don’t desire to get fired from your lucrative job. However, no need to worry as your interests is our priority. 

Be it a farewell party or an official get together, birthday, boss day or thanks giving occasion, we have everything as per your customized needs. This is because gift giving is pertinent to our modern society. 

gifts for managers

You can gift a personalized pen set, car accessories, a leather wallet, purse or a belt, technology driven products such as power banks etc. 

Gift Planet brings you an incredible gift for manager guide and helps you select the most remarkable gift for your boss. We offer both male and female gift for manager in India, Singapore and Dubai. 

Scroll down to know the best gift ideas for boss. 

Gifts for Male Boss

Car Mount Wireless Charger

Impress your boss with this awesome car mount wireless charger. Fabricated with plastic and available with an adjustable structure, it is a sturdy, durable and an ultra modern gift for manager on his birthday, farewell party or boss day. 

It can easily fix your mobile phone while travelling though Google maps and adds comfort to your navigation. Gift this car mount wireless charger to your boss makes his drives smooth and safe. 

Leather Wallet

Let your boss feel on the top of the word with this exclusive black leather wallet. This leather wallet has dedicated and compartmentalized sections for keeping cash, credit and debit cards, change etc. 

In fact, a brand new leather wallet can feature as the best farewell gift idea for boss and rejoice him within seconds. 

Formal Shirt

Gift a formal shirt to your boss on the upcoming boss day. Overwhelm your manager with this product and let him pat your back for this wonderful gift item. 

Customized in different sizes and colours, let your boss wear it next and appreciate you in front of everyone for this lovely formal clothing. 

Personalized Keychain

Personalized key chains are easy to carry and use gift items for managers and bosses. It can be an impeccable thank you gift for the boss when leaving job. Our metal carved gift chains come in different varieties and coloured. 

Select from wide ranging options and place your order today at Gift Planet. 

Office Diary

Does your boss have a dexterous habit of scribbling notes and appointments? If yes, an office diary could be the best gift for boss farewell. You can personalize this diary with the name of your boss along with his credentials, company logo etc. 

Additionally, an office diary is an essential gift for manager busy with multiple meetings and has an attractive clientele. 

Coffee Mug

If your boss is a coffee geek and likes his coffee sharp and strong, excite him this birthday with a new coffee mug. Coffee mugs feature as mind blowing personalized gift for boss. 

You can make this gift idea for manager more creative by adding lines or two on its surface. Add captions such as “Best Boss ever” or “For My Superb and Stylish Boss” etc to witness an unusual smile on his face. 

Tie and Handkerchief Set

Is your boss’s birthday on the cards? If the answer is yes, purchase this tie and handkerchief gift box set right now gift it to your manager on this special occasion. 

It is available in multiple colours and designs, easy to wash, wear and store. Place your order at Gift Planet and enjoy our timely delivery services. 

Eco-friendly Memo Cube

This customized gift idea for boss is for those who are too much in love with the environment. Gift your environment loving boss this memo cube and let him store his important memo notes in it. 

Coming with an upper lid and spacious for storage with multiple opening caps, surprise your male boss with this memo cube today. 

Smart Watch

It is time to relish your smart boss with a smart watch. An expensive gift for watch, this smart watch is a spectacular wrist accessory for your manager. Smart watches help in tracking multiple features such as time, number of kilometres walked, number of steps taken each day etc. 

Enabled with Bluetooth feature, this watch aids in receiving phone calls and mobile navigation. 

Winter Jacket

Your boss is going to retire this winter. Gift a unique looking winter jacket to your boss and let him flaunt his new apparel in front of all. Crafted in different designs and colours, this is a cool winter addition to your boss’s wardrobe. 

Gift for Female Boss

Non-Woven Fabric Shopping Bag

Women love shopping, and so does your female manager. Impress her today with this giveaway non-woven fabric shopping bag. An exclusive and glamorous farewell gift for a female boss, it is time to add your name in her good books. 

Manufactured from non-woven fabric, this bag is powerful and sturdy to carry daily essentials, important documents, women accessories and much more. 


Gift a pair of sunglasses to your female manager on this boss day. An overwhelming gift idea for boss, greet your boss with this product in his cabin and observe the glittering smile on her lips. 

Luxury High Class Crystal USB

Luxury high class crystal USB features under the umbrella of unique gifts boss. This lavish looking USB engenders an elegant appeal to entice your manager. 

Studded with fancy diamonds and coming in variable storage capacities, this crystal USB is polished with laser marking and spot colours screen printing. Gift your manager this wonderful tech driven device and let them store their important files in this crystal embedded handset.

Track Set

Women’s taste for clothes is unmatched. Gift a track set to your slim and fit female boss on her birthday. Indeed, she will dance in joy with this unique and fitness loving gift. 

Travel Wallet

Take care of the travelling needs of your female manager by gifting her awesome looking travel wallet. Make the upcoming boss day special with this official gift for boss and demonstrate your professional warmth and care. 

Featuring multiple pockets for different needs, this travel wallet could be a worth addition to her regular accessories. 


Your amicable boss is going to retire soon. Why not express your gratitude towards with something distinctive. Well, choose an umbrella for your boss and let her feel your cordiality and respect towards her. 

Power Banks

Gift a power bank to your female manager and let her charge her phone while travelling. Now get a power bank exclusively personalized for her daily needs. Carve her name on its metallic surface and let your boss joyfully gleam in surprise. 

Pen Set 

Select a pen set giveaway for your female boss. Gift her remarkable pens to manage her notes and make important appointments. Coming in blue and black ink colours, let your manager enjoy flair of writing with new and smooth flowing pens. 

Tea Cup and Saucer Set 

It is time for your boss’s farewell and no need to sit idle as you have to order this fabulous tea cup and saucer set on her retirement. Fabricated with premium quality ceramic, impress your female manager with this beautiful looking tea set and add to her delightful memories. 

Bluetooth Enabled Earphones

Is your female manager fond of music? If yes, owe your thanks to her with this new Bluetooth enabled ear phones. Incorporated with a pedometer and a heart rate monitoring system, gift her three-in-one device and let her know how much you respect her. 

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Points to Keep in Mind while Choosing a Suitable Gift for Boss

  • Analyze the gift giving occasion: A birthday, office party, farewell, boss day, thanks giving day etc. 
  • Realize the importance of gift giving and then opt for a preferable gift for your boss
  • Know your boss well and comprehend their needs and preferences prior to placing an order. 
  • Select customized and personalized gifts for your boss and make them smile and create memorable moments.  

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Summing Up

This is all about gift ideas for every type of boss. Choose from our vivid ranging categories and giveaway your boss the best and the most memorable gift of his/her lifetime. 

Opt from the list of the aforementioned gift items for male and female bosses and let them feel your cordiality and worth each day they work with you.