Tips to Improve Your Garden Lighting

garden lighting

Have you been wondering about how to make the outdoor of your house a bit more attractive? Are you up for a lighting transformation of your garden, so that the passers-by are unable to take their eyes off? Well, improving the lighting structure of your garden might sound like a tedious job, if done without any planning. If you are willing to get the maximum out of it, you must research the ways and techniques involved. It’s even better to have a demo using your torch, maybe?

Before we jump right into the best tips and tricks for a beautifully looking outside space, let’s throw some light on to the benefits of garden-lightings.

Benefits of Lighting Up Your Garden

One reason, you might already know is for aesthetic purposes. Everyone wishes to beautify the inside and outside portion of their house. Also, for security reasons, too, lighting is incredibly essential. When you are looking out for lighting up your garden, it is necessary to identify which part of your garden needs more light and which do not. This contrast brings out the exotic appearance and makes it best to enjoy every evening outside. 

Common Errors Made While Lighting the Garden

The first and foremost thing is, no doubt, the quality of lights used. If you are hoping for your lighting to last longer, it’s essential to get high-quality products. Also, if they aren’t waterproof, they will degrade in the strong showers. 

There is no trouble planning. However, ‘no plans’ can turn out to be a blunder.

In the wake of making their garden look bright and attractive, people fall in the trap of over-lighting. However, only a proper balance can give a mesmerizing look to your garden. 

Top 10 Tips to Get Beautiful Lighting for Your Garden 

1. Plan Your Lighting Pattern Early in Garden Project:

Lack of planning opens the door to the worst of situations. It’s better to take precautions than to cope with unexpected situations. Always plan your needs, ideas, time availability, and budget, related to garden lighting. Do you need ideas? Well, the internet is a vast resource of unlimited tips!

2. Use LED instead of halogens:

We know that the LEDs and CFLs are power-saving lights, that not only go on for years, but also save a bulk of your electric bills. Moreover, they are efficient than any other light source. 

3. A mix-match of fancy lighting:

The pattern of lights you use doesn’t necessarily need to be a monotonous one. Try mix-matching different colors, texture, and light arrangements, that fit your place perfectly. The walls and fences can be decorated with soft colored LEDs, while the main pathway can have illuminated lights. 

4. Using lighted mirrors on walls:

How about doing something quirky and out of the world? You can have mild lights reflecting from the surface of beautiful lighted mirrors. With its lighted borders and architectural beauty, it sure can take many hearts away. 

5. Use high-quality lighting:

It’s good to focus on your savings, but compromising is not what we recommend when it’s about the quality of lights. Use lights that are rated IP67 or 68. 

6. Employ experienced electrician:

You need to research properly on the best electricians in town, to get the best results. Any fault from their end can lead you to greater loss.

7. Turn off headlights or security lighting when using fancy lighting:

The decorative lights are colorful, mild, and sometimes sparkling. To get the best view of such lights, lamps, or candles, the higher intensity security lights can be switched off. However, switch on the security lights whenever you’re not around in your garden area.  

8. Lighting loops in tree Branches:

This is indeed a classic lighting idea that never disappoints a viewer’s eyes. Give the light chains a spiral arrangement, or maybe try making a light shed over your garden furniture.   

9. Lighted Lamp at the Entrance Gate:

Highly illuminated entrance lights provide safety, as well as the ease of visibility. You won’t appreciate tripping and falling in dim lights, would you? 

10. Seal and Hide the Connections:

The loops of wires and cables do not look good when peeping out. Moreover, they aren’t safe that way too. That’s why we do beat-wiring at our homes too. Although beat-wiring is not an option for your garden’s lighting, you can always consult your electrician on how to hide all the connection points. 


You have an ample of options available, to make your place stand out from the rest. Just a bit of planning and an open mindset is all you need to get things done right. Do not compromise over the quality of wiring, power-saving lights, and also the additionals like quality plugs and switches, flat extension cord, and more. Always be open to creative ideas, and never hesitate to convey your thoughts to your electrician. Go ahead, a shimmering garden awaits you!

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