8 Effective Time Management Tips For Busy Event Planners

time management tips

The task of event planning is not simple. Sometimes, for performing various operations, the planner does not have any staff to assist him. In this situation, he has to perform all his work by himself. Because of this, he may have a shortage of time. If you want your business to be successful then you have to dedicate your energy and time to it. So, it is necessary for the event planner to have the skill of time management. Now I am going to describe 8 effective time management tips for busy event planners.  

1. Define the goals – Before the event, defining the goals is very important. You have to consider these goals in the process of planning. These goals may get good support from certain activities and you have to engage yourself in those activities. A potential wastage of time can occur if as per your goals you do not perform the tasks.

2. Start planning and do planning for the unknown – Try to know that on a daily basis what things are important. This will help in reducing the stress that you take daily. For getting information about each work that needs to be done in a single day you can do planning in the morning or in the night before it. Sometimes because of certain circumstances, a few important tasks come in our way and so it is necessary for you to take out some time from your busy schedule for completing these kinds of tasks.

3. Delegate the responsibility – It is basically teamwork to do event planning. So, if the planner delegates the task to the team and utilizes the expertise and skills of the team then this will be very helpful to him. For professional development, it will be vital for the planner to develop the skills of leadership. With these skills, he can utilize time in a much better way.

4. Try to avoid distractions – In your time management program, you can have problems because of distractions like Netflix, reality TV and social media. So, you need to utilize your time instead of wasting it on distractions like mentioned above. Don’t feel proud by thinking that you can do several tasks at the same time because sometimes you have to focus on a particular work without being distracted.

5. Take out some time for yourself – A planner usually works for the whole day by utilizing the total time available to him. But this can have a bad effect on his health. So, it is necessary that in-between your busy schedule you go for a 10 minutes’ walk or take a coffee break. Your body will burn out at a quicker rate if you work continuously without taking any break. This will also affect your efficiency of doing work and you may slow down.

6. Say no to certain tasks that are not so important – It is not good for a planner if he does each and every task. He needs to give priority to certain tasks that are very important and if from two tasks he has to choose one then he should definitely choose the important one. He needs to say no to the other task. As per your capacity, you have to do the tasks and it is not necessary to accomplish all the tasks.

7. Avoid multitasking – If you think that multitasking is required in the field of event planning then you are not right. There is a wrong belief among a lot of individuals that by multitasking they can do a lot more work. It has been found that because of multitasking there is a 40 % decline in productivity. By multitasking, your attention gets shifted again and again. The work will take a longer time to complete if you will switch between various tasks.

8. Include exercise in your daily routine – Managing the time will become easier for you if you will start doing exercise daily. Exercise boosts your energy levels and you can utilize this energy in doing your various tasks. Your chances of falling ill will be less and your health will remain good if you will do exercise daily.If you are going to host an event and you want event planners for organizing it then contact an Event agency.

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