Out With The Old | Time For A Laptop Battery Replacement

laptop battery repalcement

When you first acquire a battery-powered device you are often promised hours of uninterrupted use on a single charge. For example, a fully charged laptop battery typically works almost six to seven hours of runtime (depending upon the applications you are using). In any case, with time, you could understand that your gadget’s battery isn’t performing to its maximum capacity.

You could plug it in overnight, expecting a full charge by morning, only to find it’s still lingering below 100%. Your immediate fix might be to leave your laptop continuously connected to a power source, but this approach not only sacrifices the mobility laptops are prized for but also presents safety concerns, including the risk of overheating and potential fire hazards.

To prevent these unwelcoming situations, in this blog, we will give you a complete description of why and when there is a need to replace the battery, what you need to know, and when to head toward the Phonepcr experts for Laptop repair in Plant City, FL.

Signs Of Deteriorate Battery

  1. Abrupt Shutdowns:

Perhaps the most unsettling sign of battery trouble is your laptop’s habit of shutting down without warning. You can already see the financial burden of buying a new laptop looming over you. However, this unexpected shutdown may not necessarily signal the end of your system’s life; instead, it might be a call for battery replacement from Laptop repair in Plant City, FL.

  1. Your Lap Is Warming Unexpectedly:

You are diligently tackling your tasks, and suddenly,  your laptop feels like an unintentional heating pad in your lap. This was not an issue before. What’s happening is that your aging battery is struggling to power your applications efficiently. This added workload, causing the system to heat up, straining its components.

  1. Time Is Not On Your Side:

If your laptop has been your trusted companion for a couple of years, it’s not surprising to encounter power-related issues. Did you know that laptop batteries are typically designed to endure approximately 400 cycles of charge? That roughly translates to one-to-two years of usage.

So, if your laptop has outlived its battery’s natural lifespan, you have been pushing it past its limits.

DIY Tips For Replacing The Laptop Battery

Replacing the laptop battery can be a cost-effective way to extend the life of your gadget and improve its overall performance. Here are some DIY tips if you need to replace your laptop battery.

Tip 01: Check compatibility:

Ensure that you purchase a compatible battery for your laptop model. Check your device manual or the manufacturer’s website for the specific battery model and specifications you need.

Tip 02: Gather necessary tools:

Make sure you have the essential equipment before you start, such as screwdrivers and a wrist strap to prevent static electricity.

Tip 03: Safety first:

  • Turn off your PC from the power source and shut it down.
  • Work on a clear, well-lit surface to avoid accidental damage.
  • Keep track of small components.

Tip 04: Remove the old battery:

  • Open your laptop and locate the battery compartment. In many laptops, it’s accessible through a removable panel on the bottom.
  • Carefully remove any screws or clips securing the battery in place.
  • Use a spudger or plastic opening tool to gently disconnect the battery from the laptop’s motherboard. Be careful not to damage any connectors.

Tip 05: Install the new battery:

  • Embed the new battery into a similar position and orientation as the old one.
  • Secure it with screws or clips, just as the old battery was.

Tip 06: Connect the battery:

  • Reconnect the battery to the laptop’s motherboard. Ensure it’s successfully connected without applying excessive force.

Tip 07: Replace the laptop’s cover:

  • If you removed the panel to access the battery, reattach it securely.

Tip 08: Charge the new battery:

  • Plug in your laptop and charge the new battery fully before using it. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for initial charge time.

Tip 09: Calibrate the battery (if necessary):

  • Some laptops may require battery calibration to ensure accurate reporting of the battery’s capacity.

Tip 09: Monitor battery health :

  • Keep an eye on your new battery’s health and performance. You can use built-in tools or third-party software to check the battery’s status and capacity.

Another Handy Tip

Try not to let your laptop charge below 20% before recharging. This simple practice can go a long way to preserve your battery’s longevity and guarantee it serves you for years to come.

What If These Tips Don’t Work?

If you are uncomfortable with any part of the replacement process or encounter difficulties, it’s advisable to consult professional technicians of Laptop repair in Dade City, FL.

Remember that laptop battery replacement can vary in complexity, depending on the laptop model. So if you don’t have confidence in your abilities and lack technical skills, always go for professional assistance. The best recommendation is Laptop repair in Plant City, FL. You can have exactly the same repair services as PhonePcr delivers to Dade City inhabitants.

Final Thoughts

Before you jump the gun and consider buying a brand-new laptop, take a moment to consider whether the real issues lie with the battery. Laptop batteries are not designed for eternal recharging. However, keeping your device continually plugged in might seem like the right move, you are actually doing your battery a favor by unplugging it every now and then.

If you are not considering the expertise of Laptop repair in Dade City, FL, for battery replacement just for the sake of saving money, we assure you that it’s a foolish step as it can lead to more adverse damage and you might have to spend more money. For a satisfactory performance, satisfied decision-making is an important aspect.