12 Things You Should Never Say During an Interview

interview basic things

It’s best to know about the things which interviewers usually look for in a candidate. There are three basic things which an interviewer looks for in a candidate:

  • The candidate is fit for the job or not?
  • The candidate is willing to do the job and advance corporate goals.
  • Does the candidate have the ability to fit in the current corporate culture or not?

Above mentioned three things are the basic ones that the interviewers look for in a candidate. So there are certain things which you must avoid saying in an interview. Your statements can send an alarm to the interviewer that you may not meet one of the above criteria.

The Things Which You Much Avoid In An Interview Are:

Never Give Negative Comments about Your Former Co-Workers and Employers

Never give negative comments about your former co-workers and employees because this makes your negative impact on the interviewer.

Never Request for Special Treatment during Interview

This makes no sense that you ask for special treatment before you are hired. You are giving an interview and yet not hired.

Never Initiate in Salary Discussions or Demands

You should let the interviewer initiate the salary. But it’s alright if you give a range, or you ask about the pay for that particular job. But if it will be you to initiate the subject of salary, then it can make your negative impression on the employer.

Never Ask About the Holidays or Sick Leaves

This can also make your negative impact on the employer if you ask about the holidays or sick leave. Because then your employer will think that you are more interested in time rather than in the job itself.

Never Give List of the Things You Don’t Do

Things such as you tell the employer that you don’t answer phones or file or work overtime should be avoided to know in an interview. You must understand that there are such jobs in which you have to work for overtime and also understand that there will be such tasks which will not be enjoyable.

Never say, “What is it your company does again?”

It’s best to know about the company before you go for the interview.

How’d you Came to Know about This Job

Answers like “I don’t know, I just saw your ad and I thought I’d give this a try” are not suitable for an interview. So prepare yourself for better answers. If you don’t know about that job position, then why are you there, and how can you say that you are suitable for this position.

Never Say That You Don’t Have Any Negative Points

That’s commonly asked in interviews to list your negative qualities. For such a question, you must be an excellent prepared answer already in your mind. When you answer this question, then also tell that you are working to overcome your weak point. In other ways, you can explain how it’s negative and positive too.

Never Make Argumentative Statements in Interview

If you want to be liked and fit in for the job, then avoid argumentative statements in the interview. You will be having plenty of chances to argue and suggest after when you will be hired but not at the time of the interview.

Never Talk About Your Problems

Before going for an interview, leave your problems at home. In an interview, present yourself a healthy, capable person that can overcome setbacks and challenges.

Never Make Dishonest or Misleading Statements

Remember that a lie never has legs of its own to stand up, while a small truth prevails. So be honest while making your statements during the interview.

Avoid Racism

Never make such remarks during interviews, which are based on Racism. Put everything out of your mind and only think about what you are so that you can have success in the interview.

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