All About Leukemia Treatment

Leukemia Treatment

It is a term used for cancer of the blood or bone marrow and develops due to a problem with blood cell production. Most people over the age of 55 years are more prone to the condition, however, Acute leukemia develops quickly and also worsens speedily, but chronic leukemia gets worse over time.

Causes of leukemia

Leukemia is a condition that develops when the DNA of developing blood cells, especially white blood cells incurs damage and which leads to uncontrollable growth of blood cells. Because of uncontrolled growth, the healthy blood cells die, and new cells replace them and which develops in the bone marrow. At this time abnormal blood cells do not die and build up and occupy more space. And in this way, cancerous cells outnumber healthy cells in the blood.

Types of leukemia

There are four types of leukemia listed below :

  • Acute

In this type of leukemia, developing cancer cells multiply quickly and collect in marrow and blood. They are not at all functional and exit bone marrow too early.

  • Chronic

This type of leukemia progresses more slowly over time . in this case, the condition allows for the production of more mature and useful cells.

  • Lymphocytic

This type of leukemia occurs when the cancerous changes affect the type of bone marrow that makes lymphocytes which is a WBC that is vital in the immune system.

  • Myelogenous

It is the type of leukemia that occurs when the changes affect bone marrow cells that produce blood cells instead of blood cells itself.

Symptoms of leukemia

There are many symptoms of the conditions listed below:

  • Patient with this condition will bleed easily and heal slowly and may also develop red and purple spots on the body.
  • Patient with this condition will have frequent infections as white blood cells are vital to fighting infections.
  • A person with this condition can be anaemic as they do not have enough haemoglobin in their blood.
  • If the liver of a person swollen up and there is a feeling of fullness and resulting in weight loss.

Treatment options and cost of leukemia treatment in India

  • Leukemia treatment options vary from person to person and depend upon factors like the type of leukemia and overall health of a patient. The primary treatment of the condition is chemotherapy, and if treatment starts early, the success rates will be higher. The cost of Leukemia Treatment in India is about SD 18000 to USD 28000. Diagnosis of the condition includes many tests- Blood tests to determine a Patient’s blood count
  • Bone marrow tests
  • Lymph node biopsy
  •  X-ray
  • MRI scan
  • Ultrasound
  • CT scan to check lymph nodes in the chest of a patient

Types of treatment

The condition is treated by doctors who are expert in blood disorders, and cancer is known as haematologist-oncologist. Some forms of leukemia grow slowly and don’t need immediate treatment, and the treatment depends upon the stage and type of leukemia. Below are the types of treatment :

  • Chemotherapy

This treatment involves the usage of drugs to kill leukemia cells .

  • Radiation therapy

It is the method that involves high energy radiation to damage the cells and to stop there growth.

  • Stem cell transplantation

It is the transportation of healthy bone marrow with the diseases bone marrow by way of autologous transplantation or autologous transplantation. The process is commonly known as a bone marrow transplant.

  • Immunotherapy

It is also a treatment method that helps the patient’s immune system to recognise and attack cancer cells.

Many cases in children and adults having acute leukaemia are cured with modern treatments. Also, in many cases of chronic leukaemias the condition is controlled, and normal life was enjoyed for long periods of time. Treatment for chronic myeloid leukaemia offers prolonged remission in many cases as new and latest treatments are curing many people. Just remember patients with early-stage chronic lymphocytic leukaemia do not need treatment. Keep a check on above-listed symptoms as the sooner leukemia is diagnosed, the faster it will be treated for the better chances of recovery. Several factors, counting past history of blood disorders, older age, along with chromosome mutations, can negatively affect the results. The success rates of treatment for people with all forms of leukaemia is improving with time, because of better understanding and latest techniques.

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