Things To Do in Denver, Colorado

denver colarado

Did you know Denver is ranked #2 best place to live in the United States. Also the Mountain region in Colorado is six times bigger than Switzerland. Amazing right!!

Well, Denver is more than just mountains or people. It is a beautiful place with so many attractions. Visiting sights, parks, museums and tasting fantastic food are some of the things to do in Denver.

Denver is nicknamed “The Mile High City” because of the fact that it is located almost a mile above the sea level. It is the most populous and well known city in Colorado. For those who like to know the history of this place, this city was once the famous site for the gold rush during the old west days.The weather remains pleasant throughout the year but abrupting it can turn cold due to elevation.

 If you are visiting Denver, then you need to know what things to do and where to go in Denver. To commence your journey, you can choose some of the cheapest flights to Colorado here. Along with that you can opt for airlines like Southwest Airlines for affordable tickets.  Continue reading to know what things to do in Denver.

1. Red Rock Amphitheatre

Are you a fan of live performances? Then you have to check out the Red Rock Amphitheatre that is the dream venue for every artist with over 9000 seating spaces located at 2000 metres of height above sea level.

Surrounded by some of the majestic Red Rock Mountains, this magnificent architecture  has hosted about thousands of concerts and shows since its inaugural in 1941. Moreover, the Red Rock Mountains were designated as a National Historical Landmark in 2015, making this place a must visit landmark.  Visiting this piece of nature is among the best things to do in Denver.

2. Hiking along the Rocky Mountain Trails

Nature enthusiasts love this place as it makes them feel right at home. No doubt this place has an abundance of hiking trails ready to be explored by Hikers yet in every visit you will find an unexplored path ready to be explored. The diversity of trees makes this place home to more than thousand species of birds and animals. There is more to explore in this mountain range then just hiking, it offers some of the most scenic lakes like Bear lake and Emerald lake to picturesque waterfalls like Adams Falls. Do not miss out on the most famous Trail Ridge Road, a 48 miles long highway in the mountains that is ideal for long and peaceful drives. Consider this as the most fascinating thing to do in Denver.

3. Denver Botanic Garden

Taking a stroll in the 24 acres of land, full of diverse fauna from all over the world, some of which have gone extinct as well, is truly marvellous. This Botanic park has earned its value for being among the top five nature parks in the nation for housing a variety of plants including aquatic, steppe, alpine, tropical and much more. A perfect family oriented spot with Mordecai Children’s Park for your kids. If you are lucky, you might also get to see some of the year-round events hosted there. Visiting this fun spot with your family and friends is definitely among fun things to do in Denver.

4. Denver Museum of Nature and Science

For the science geek in you, this museum caters to the curiosity of knowledge to every generation. Explore the vastness of space through the sensory Spacewalk at the space odyssey exhibition. The innumerable stars made out of fibre options with advanced virtual reality transporters, you might just experience yourself in the centre of outer space. The astronaut in you will leap with joy after this particular experience.

Take your kids to the Discovery Zone where they can exercise their mind by building something, pique their curiosity and they might just bloom into the next astrophysicist or the next astronaut. Definitely one of the fun things to do in Dever is visiting this museum.

5. Adventure at Elitch Gardens

Do you know if there  is a place in Denver where you can seek thrilling adventure and entertainment with your family? Well, we know… its Elitch Gardens. With more than 30 rides and attractions, this place will feed your adventurous soul. Excitingly, there is a water park right next door, so don’t worry about those sizzling summers and jump in the water to have an ideal afternoon.

Don’t forget to ride the Mind Eraser aka the monster coaster in which your legs will be dangling through the twist and curves of the ride. So, brace yourself for thrill-seekers and fasten your seatbelt to enjoy one of the best things to do in Denver, Colorado.

6. Explore the Denver’s Downtown Aquarium

This floor to ceiling aquarium showcasing different types of sharks up close – while keeping you safe is an awesome place to explore. Those marine animals that you have only seen in your television sets can be right in front of your eyes. The vast collection of about 500 species will leave you awe-struck with the wide spectrum of colours along with different sizes. The aquarium is not just about fishes and sharks but it also offers a 4D theatre to its visitors and a carousel to the younger audience. Check this 50,000 gallon water filled floor-to-ceiling facility and try one of the best things to do in Denver while you are  in Colorado.

7. Discover the Solar punk city: Nova Ita

Experience something new and extraordinary in the space of Novo Ita. This is a narrative – driven installation designed to shed a new way of life through sustainable usage of power. Upon entering, you will be transported into a fantastical, colourful city of the future filled with patterns, puzzles and characters.

Spectre Art Space is a perfect location for engaging art experience. This space also serves as an innovative venue for galleries, exhibitions and studios that emphasises community and creativity. Add this in the list of fun things to do in Denver and don’t forget to visit this.

8. Witness the Lively Larimer Street

We suggest you walk around the street of the historical Larimer Street which has been revitalised into a perfect place to shop and grab a drink with friends.   

Named after its founder General William Larimer, this street became the first business hub for Denver. Apart from the first city hall being built here, the street is also made up of brick wall buildings and high-end boutiques. It also homes many world-class restaurants that live up to this historic city’s reputation.

 9. A Day Trip to Breckenridge

 If you haven’t been to this place then your trip to Colorado is incomplete. This is among the best places you should visit in Denver and spend a day and definitely the best things to do in Denver. Located just a small drive away from the urban centre, Breckenridge is a historic town known for its guided tour and the most photographer features in Denver. This landscape beauty is almost too unreal to comprehend.

10. Conquer the Mount Evan

 Among many hills and peaks, Mount Evan holds a special position in Denver. With its peak scraping the sky at near 14,000 metre height, Mount Evans has earned its reputation of being the tallest peak in the whole state. This trekkable mount is also a stomping ground for wildlife. While trekking you can easily spot the big horned sheep and mountain goats. Conquering this mountain is one of the worthy things to do in Denver. 


Denver, the mile high city offers you everything at one place. Looking for history and culture? Visit the National Museum of Denver. Want a calming place to relax with family ? Have a relaxing day at Denver Botanic Garden.

Those who are daredevils should visit the Elitch Garden to experience the adventure of life. Being a Beta Global City, it is also highly advanced in terms of architecture and technology. We recommend you to visit Denver, Colorado and don’t forget to check off the list of things to do in Denver while you are at it.