The Quizopedia- Changing the Way Kids Learn Today

The Quizopedia app

The future of quizzing depends on our desire to transform the way of learning for our kids or students. While the tools are in abundance, the focus needs to be on the content. Quizzing is not just about GK, but about connecting the dots, reading between the lines and arriving at a conclusion.  

This app is designed with school kids in mind. The meat of the game is in the practice tests where your kid gets access to endless practice tests. You can register your ward for these tests for free.  

By using this general knowledge app at home, parents can speed up the learning process by effectively offering general knowledge to kids, while keeping them engaged in the learning process. The Quizopedia app is perfect for kids going to school where they are capable enough for understanding and memorizing basic facts.

The Quizopedia is the latest quiz app to have landed on our virtual desks and in many ways, it is different from other quiz apps you might have downloaded for your kids. Navigating between the modes is easy and simple. 

The Quizopedia app is pretty much good for kids to improve their skill sets. With this app, kids will get to learn a lot of exciting facts related to different subjects including space, animal, Indian cinema are to name a few. Kids can earn points to get win exciting gifts. 

Apart from the obvious benefits of expanding a kid’s knowledge and traverse new skills at an early age, The Quizopedia redefine the learning system in important ways:

Easy to use:

The Quizopedia is easy to use quiz app for kids. The registration for the quizzes in this application is fast and the user experience is excellent. The students will be availed with different levels of the quiz. It starts with easy, medium to hard.

Interactive platform:

In today’s time, quizzes have become interactive platforms for kids where they are not only taking part to take to win a prize or get famous overnight but to gain knowledge, looking for opportunities to think beyond academics and grow in future.  

Scope of Learning:

Since not all the questions are from the syllabus, a kid needs critical thinking and great research. This is the time when they get in the habit of innovative learning form a very young age. 

Choose Your Favorite Topic:

The Quizopedia is a category-based app that comes with an option to select a favorite topic. It can be literature, space quest, mathematics, general knowledge, politics, Indian Cinema, English or any other topic that your kid will like.

Check Quiz History:

You will be able to check the history and see how many quizzes your child has taken and their results.

Unlimited Practice Tests:

The Quizopedia has a wide range of practice tests that challenges your child to perform in pressure situations. There are quiz questions for every day of the year.

Performance Report with Correct Answers:

Once the Quiz ends, the correct answers will be displayed on your screen. This will be shared via email as well.

Download the “The Quizopedia” app for your kids today and avail unlimited free quizzes.

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