7 Technology-Related Fields For Students To Pursue In 2023

technology related fields

When we think about technology, we often picture complicated data, large numbers, and intricate codes. However, what if we told you that tech goes beyond all of this? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a dull and uninteresting career path by any means!

In reality, jobs related to technology are among the most satisfying and fulfilling professions available, both in terms of financial rewards and personal satisfaction. Moreover, with technology constantly advancing, the demand for these types of jobs will always be on the rise.

So, if you’re searching for tech-related fields as a student to pursue after completing your degree, give this blog a read. Below is a list of the most financially rewarding careers and technology related fields for students:

7 Tech Careers You Should Consider Pursuing 

Machine Learning Engineer

While many people believe machine learning and artificial intelligence are essentially the same things, that’s not true. In fact, AI is a broad field like a tree. And machine learning is just one branch of this tree. A career in machine learning is great for those who love working with computers and want a job in a fast-moving and exciting industry. 

If you’re curious about what machine learning engineers do, here’s a simple explanation: They use complex data information to make complicated step-by-step instructions for a machine. Now, this machine could be anything from a self-driving car to a voice assistant that could offer assignment help.¬†

Or, we can just say these engineers are machine instructors, teaching them how to act more like a human. The best part is that the machine can learn and get better at these tasks without needing a person to help every time.

And if you’re wondering what education you need to pursue a career in this field, here’s your answer: Well, you definitely need to know a lot about artificial intelligence and computers. Having a master’s degree in CS can also boost your chances of landing a good job.

UX Designer

UX (User Experience) designers focus on the hidden design function that makes sure software, websites, or apps fit well with how people actually use them. They consistently update these software to meet user intent, needs, and behavior. While UX designers may not have been much in demand a few years back, they are sure to take the world by storm in the coming years. 

As more businesses are investing in their online presence to promote and sell their offerings on digital platforms, it’s become essential to ensure consumers’ journey and experience are as good as they can be! So, the ongoing demand for a UX designer doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

If you wish to pursue a career in this field, you should have a relevant bachelor’s degree. For instance, a computer science degree will do too. However, most companies prefer master’s degrees, so that’s another thing you should look at. 

But the most important thing is experience! You don’t have to be a bookworm to be a good designer. If you learn and practice relevant skills along with your degree, you will have no trouble beating the competition!

Robotics Engineer

With technology continuously evolving, robotics engineers always have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. For starters, they have to endlessly analyze, reevaluate, configure, maintain, and test the prototypes, parts, computer programs, and machines they design. The job needs a lot of technical knowledge and the ability to stay patient and think logically.

In the next years, we’ll probably see lots of new and innovative ways that modern tech helps society and businesses work better, especially in healthcare and education. Who knows, perhaps someday we could be asking a robot for accounting assignment help! Needless to say, the demand for robotics engineers will be greater than ever!¬†

If you want to be a robotics engineer, getting a master’s degree in robotics is a good start. It will give you the right skills, knowledge, and practice to start working in this field.

Cloud Engineer

With the rising trend of remote work, cloud computing has become essential in the last few months. At the same time, companies are on a constant lookout for cloud engineers. And they are ready to pay hundreds of dollars for it! 

Cloud engineers might have different titles, like solutions architects, cloud developers, or sysops engineers. Sometimes, what they do can be a bit different, but their main job is to make plans, watch over, and take care of a company’s cloud system. This could be systems like Google Cloud, Microsoft 365, Slack, and more.

Data Scientist

Labeled as the most attractive job of the 21st century, data science jobs are undoubtedly one of the most lucrative technology related fields for students. While data scientists may not be as new as other tech jobs like cloud computing engineers or machine learning engineers, they are a treasure for any company, and they will stay that way.

As companies gather and use more information each day, the need for skilled experts in data has plummeted. Data scientists have a chance to work in almost any field, like IT, entertainment, manufacturing, or healthcare.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a dynamic and cutting-edge field, and we believe it’s here to stay popular as a career choice for many years. In fact, mobile app development jobs are expected to increase by 19% over the next ten years. 

If you do some research, you will discover that mobile app developers already earn a lot, with an average income of $97,000. That’s a lot of money, and imagine you start making that much as soon as you start your career!

Web Developer

Web development was first introduced in the 1990s. But since technology keeps advancing, web development is not one to stand behind either. It has quickly become even more advanced and intricate! 

So, it’s no shocker that the need for skilled web developers is quite high, considering how every company is focusing on building an online presence in this digital world. In fact, this demand is predicted to grow even more in the coming years. Hence, web development stands out as a promising and thrilling career path in 2023 that you should consider.

Conclusion: A Career In Tech Is All You Need For A Lucrative Future

We realize choosing a career can be a tough decision. After all, it shapes your entire future. While it’s important to select a job that offers good pay, it’s equally crucial for you to find enjoyment in it. You wouldn’t want to be stuck doing something you don’t enjoy for your entire life!

Therefore, as you explore these technology related fields for students, make sure to do thorough research. Seek out the areas that genuinely interest you, so you can earn a living while also enjoying your work. Wishing you the best of luck!