5 Fun Things to Do in Portsmouth If You’re Taking Cape Air Flights!

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Did you know that Cape Flying flies out of Portsmouth International Airport? It’s true! So if you’re traveling to or from Boston, Montana, Sidney mt, and Martha’s Vineyard with Cape Air Flights, you’ll have to have a boarding pass through the Port City of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This can be pretty intimidating if you’ve never been here before, so we’ve put together a list of the top 5 things to do in Portsmouth if you find yourself on Fly Cape Air!

#1: Visit the Strawbery Banke Museum 

Strawbery Banke is a historic village museum with multiple buildings. It’s about 5 miles from Portsmouth International Airport and a great way to kick off your trip if you are traveling on Cape Air Planes. The museum gives tours of their historic homes (many of which were built in 1730!) where many former residents would live. Today, all of these historical houses have been carefully restored so visitors can go back in time to learn more about what life was like for everyday people in that area during colonial times and throughout our nation’s history. There are also interactive children’s exhibits for those who are planning a family trip to New Hampshire; I especially liked how they incorporated old-fashioned games into one exhibit!

#2: Take an Escape Air Booking Room Challenge 

Planning a visit to Portsmouth? Rather than traveling on your own, take a Cape Cod Flights! We’ve found that escape Booking rooms are a fun way to get to know fellow travellers on your flight. Don’t be intimidated by escape rooms—they’re designed for all ages and abilities. They just might be what you need to inspire some friendly competition as you and your travel companion’s race against time to solve clues and puzzles in order to escape Air Contact Number.

#3: Cruise around Piscataqua River on Boston Harbor Cruises 

Since you’re traveling with airlines that don’t provide free flights to and from your Destinations Map, consider flying with Cape Air Flight Status. The airline offers regularly scheduled flights between Boston’s Logan Airport and Pease International Trade port in Portsmouth; take a few hours before or after your flight to see some of Portsmouth’s best sights.

#4: See Sea Dogs at Hadlock Field 

The Sea Dogs are a high-level, minor league affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. Tickets are only $9 for general admission, so you can spend less than $15 for an afternoon at one of New England’s best ballparks and enjoy live baseball under beautiful night skies. More information can be found on their website. Cape Air Reservations Phone Number also flies directly to Portland from Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), making it easy to see a game if you have time between flights.

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Take in Some Culture at Strawbery Banke Museum: Located right in downtown Portsmouth, Strawbery Banke is an award-winning museum with free admission that showcases life in New Hampshire over three centuries ago. From costumed interpreters to original buildings dating back to 1695, there’s something here for everyone—and there are plenty of special events throughout the year too! Check out their calendar here. Cape Verde Airlines has daily flights into Pease Airport (PSM) just outside of Portsmouth which makes it easy to stop by on your way home from work or even while you’re waiting for your flight back home.

#5: Go Mini Golfing At Putting Edge 

Head to Putting Edge in Greenland, a well-kept 9-hole course designed by John LaFountaine and Andy Woods. It’s just 5 minutes away from historic Fort Stark, where you can learn about WWI history. There’s also a 25-minute train ride or a 30-minute drive to Boston. You can make it to both places easily within two hours if you leave at 10 am on a Friday morning – even though they’re nearly 3 hours apart, Boston and depart at relatively similar times in order to avoid competition with other airlines one can also check the information in the Cape Air reservations desk. This means that there are very few airlines flying into Boston at that time of day, making your travel time super quick compared to many other air services available today.