From Takeoff to Touchdown: Planning Your Flight to San Juan

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The summer is almost over and the fall is here. So, most of you would have been through your summer holidays, whether you are a professional or a student. Now it will get cold even in the southern states of the USA, where visiting the beaches will no longer be convenient. Mountain hiking and walks along river trails will be difficult in your winter gear. However, there are tourist destinations in the Caribbean where you can enjoy the hot weather all year round. One of these is San Juan in Puerto Rico, one of the smaller island nations in the Caribbean Sea. Cheap flights to San Juan are available throughout the year from major cities in the country.

An ideal destination all year round

If you are thinking of a warm tourist destination for your break, you will be looking towards the south of the continent. We can assure you that irrespective of how much research you do, you will always shortlist San Juan as one of the cities that you should visit. The city has an interesting history and there are forts here to prove this. This city is one of the oldest cities that were established in the Americas when the colonizers came here. The architecture here is good enough proof of what the city has gone through in the last few centuries. You should always check if there are direct flights to San Juan from your city and in most cases there will be.

Tourists are welcomed here with a smile

If you are planning a trip here, you will be worried about more than your plane tickets. You will be looking for suitable accommodation, you will be listing the things to do here and if you will need assistance from local guides. You will be pleased to know that there are quite a few hotels here catering to tourists with different financial capabilities. Though the major language spoken here is Spanish, most people dealing in the tourist industry speak English, as one part of their job is to understand what the tourists need. When you are on flights to San Juan Puerto Rico, you will be able to get a taste of what is to come next. 

Plenty of things to do

If you want to taste Latin cuisine, whether in a high-end restaurant or you want to try out the street food, there are plenty of options for you. In case you want to try out American or other cuisines, you will find suitable eateries here. For the tourists, there are the museums, botanical gardens, theaters and of course churches, the locals here are as passionate about their religion as in any Latin American country. One thing that will encourage Americans to come here is the fact that you do not require any visa to come here as the entire country is under American jurisdiction. So, all you need is a valid ID and airtickets to get here. 

Some monetary advice

If you have made up your mind to come here, the next step will be to make bookings for everything you have planned and you will of course have calculated what your budget is. Before you go through your cheap airtickets booking, you should find out if baggage and meals are included in the price you are being charged. Also, you must book early to ensure that you get tickets according to your requirements. If you have a particular airline in mind then this is mandatory. As you are flying overseas, you will probably be with your friends or family and you must consider their views before you make any booking.   

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