How Long Will It Take To Recover After Ovarian Cyst Surgery?

Ovarian Cyst Treatment in Gurgaon

Ovarian cysts are common but painless and don’t show any symptoms. These are often signs of ovulation but may also need removal under specific health issues. If you recently underwent Ovarian Cyst Treatment in Gurgaon, the surgeon must have told you certain precautions for faster recovery. Unlike other surgeries, this treatment also needs enough rest and time for recuperation. The blog lets us help you with effective surgical recovery after cyst removal treatment.

The Quick Overview About Cyst Treatment Recovery And Healing:

Everyone tends to recover from Ovarian Cyst Surgery; on average, it takes around 12 weeks. The body needs complete healing, which is only possible with proper rest, a healthy diet, and precautions recommended by the surgeon. If your treatment has been gone within general anesthesia, then dizziness and nausea are apparent. You can trigger sleepiness at least for the first 12-14 hours.

The experience of pain in the tummy after cyst treatment will also obviously fade within a few days. However, your Ovarian Cyst Doctor will suggest medication like painkillers to lower the pain sensation. Try to rest at maximum and can start with a short walk (bit mobility) for around 10-15 minutes in the first few days, then gradually increase it.

The Must-Follow Precautions After Ovarian Cyst Surgery:

After ovarian cyst treatment, you may need to stay in the hospital for at least 2 to 4 days. The rest will make healing faster because the incision is large. (Laparotomy). To recover and resume usual activities may require four to six weeks as pain and discomfort are felt.

If you had gone for laparoscopic cyst removal treatment, staying in the hospital would have been shorter. It will give quicker recovery compared with laparotomy as it has small scars, less bleeding, and few stitches only. You can resume your routine within a day or two.

No stress on the body is suggested in any of the cyst removal treatments. You can start eating and drinking in laparoscopic. You should avoid intense or strenuous activities or heavy workouts for about 4-6 weeks.

Why Recovery May Take Longer?

People with chronic health issues like diabetes and heart problems may take a long time to recover.

If you are habitual of excessive alcohol drinking or smoking, then you may struggle with the healing process.

Poor weight management or excessive weight will also be a problematic cause for slow recovery.

Noteworthy is that the Ovarian Cyst Removal Doctor will recommend you resume normal routine activities after a maximum of 12 weeks (Laparoscopy or Laparotomy). Talk to a specialized gynecologist or cyst removal surgeon for faster recovery and less discomfort.

The Ways To Speed Up Recovery After Ovarian Cyst Treatment:

Consult an Ovarian Cyst Specialist in Gurgaon for proper tips to speed up recovery. However, you must follow the below-mentioned points for faster healing.

  • Eat healthy, fresh, and nutritional meals. Consume fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Keep yourself hydrated with water and fresh juices.
  • Keep your scar and wound clean. Make sure you change your dressing periodically (as suggested).
  • To avoid slower recovery, don’t consume smoking and alcohol.
  • Take consulted time to resume regular activities, including exercises and physical work.
  • Try to walk for at least 10-15 minutes two to three times a day, then gradually increase.
  • Follow the recommended precautions for bathing and dressing (to maintain hygiene).
  • Stay positive during recovery stages; it will promote faster recovery.
  • Don’t lift heavy objects or exert intense physical exertion for the first few weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid taking long trips and journeys as it can discomfort your body and increase pain.
  • Take the medications recommended/prescribed by your surgeon and follow the proper dosage.

The Final Verdict:

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This above post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any medical advice. Consult with a healthcare professional like Dr. Deepti Asthanafor a proper evaluation and treatment plan.