A guide for SUV drivers to improve driving

SUV drivers

Comparatively, an SUV drivers high drivers seat is much more comfortable than any other car and provides a better road vision. The seat, bordered by a lot of metal, makes the ride safer when compared other cars.

The SUV comes with its own unique distinguishing characteristics, and there are certain strategies of the way you drive an SUV which can be beneficial for the safety of your car as well as yourself. 

Below are a few simple and doable skill suggestions to drive an SUV drivers for a safer ride.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you take your SUV to the road, take multiple test drives, practice driving with your SUV in a large spacious ground and in multiple climates to understand how it works.

Keep it Light

Always keep your SUV light, do not overload and pack heavy stuff. Also, make sure to not use the roof carrier until and unless you don’t have more space for your baggage. If your SUV is carrying heavy luggage, it can heat up the tyres and can increase the chances of going your tyre flat.

Go Slower 

SUV drivers works differently than sedans or any other passenger car. With SUV, you cannot make sudden and sharp turns. It’s better to slow down your SUV when taking a turn or on a curvy road especially in wet climate. For instance, during snowfall or rain, the most sensible thing to do while driving an SUV is slowing it down. If the driver doesn’t slow down during wet conditions, it can result in hydroplaning, and you can lose contact with the road.

Don’t Drive if You Are Unwell

If by any chance you are not feeling well or haven’t taken a proper sleep the prior night or suffering from some sort of stress or anxiety, don’t drive. Driving in any such a state is impolitic as your mind can work slower, and you’re unable to react appropriately while driving and all of this can increase the risk of misadventure. 

It is always suggested to take proper sleep and be fresh before you drive.

Hit the Brakes Sooner

Braking suddenly has a lot to do with the bad performance of your SUV as well as its tyres. Smaller cars which weigh lesser can somehow work with slamming the brakes suddenly, but SUV or any other heavy car takes a while to come to the desired stop, especially in wet conditions. So it’s better to hit the brake sooner while driving your SUV.

Minimise the Blind Spots

One of the most important tips is to reduce blind spots. In SUV’s, you sit higher comparatively other cars, and it’s challenging to be aware of what is happening lower to the ground. You have to make sure that your mirrors are positioned well, and you can see farthest.

Comparison between 4×4 and SUV Tyres

All vehicles — whether it a passenger car such as sedan, commercial car, trucks, SUVs or any other 4×4 works differently and so are their tyres, all of their tyres differ in the handling, maintenance and performance. Car tyres are manufactured to focus entirely on-road performance, the grip, the different braking conditions and road comfort. 

Since SUV, the vehicle itself is heavy, the tyres weighty. Other features of the SUV tyres are, they have road-focused grip, excellent braking and handling. 

4×4 tyres are manufactured to take the durability of off-road adventures, while the big groove gaps and defined tread pattern help in maximising grip on all terrains.

Difference between SUV and Car Tyres

The major difference between the SUV and car tyres is the tread design. SUV tyres are mean to be driven on a variety of surfaces, while car tyres only work on roads and highways. For instance, Dunlop SP Sport LM705 is a car tyre that is designed to provide superior ride comfort and durability. However, it cannot provide off-road traction like SUVs tyres do.

SUV cars have an excellent centre of gravity than any other passenger car which makes its tyres to experience greater forces in the shoulder and outside tread area.

Other differences include

  • Weight: the SUV tyres are constructed heavier than other passenger car tyres
  • Speed Rating: SUV tyres will relatively have low-speed rating than other car tyres
  • Rubber Compound: the SUV tyre’s rubber compounds are harder since the vehicle’s weight is more comparatively other cars.

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