Top 5 must have Mobile Apps for Drivers & Car Lovers

Mobile Apps for Car Lovers

It goes without saying that people in the modern-day glitz and glamour have become too dependent on mobile apps. As a matter of fact, too dependent on an unimaginable level that they even use these apps while driving. If you think it’s an accident waiting to happen – think again.

These apps, mind you, actually help keep drivers safe on the road. Sounds a bit ironic when you think about the whole idea of using your mobile phone while the car is ambulatory but it’s no joke.

Here’s a rundown of the top 5 must-have mobile apps for drivers and car lovers that’ll surely make driving safe, seamless, and affordable.

1. Waze (Free)

Developed by an Israeli company, Waze, which was previously known as FreeMap Israel, is a navigation software app for gadgets which is supported by GPS. The company is all about giving drivers convenience. Unless you want to sit in traffic for hours or drive around for the shortest route unsure of where it’ll end up, downloading Waze is the next best thing to burgers, bacon, and fries.

Some of its amazing features are the Waze Deep Links where you can link your app or website to easily locate an address. The Waze Audio Kit for the music lovers so driving while listening to your favorite music is uninterrupted. Or the Waze Data Feeds to know the most updated hazards, alerts, and closures.

2. Carcorder(Limited time discount $1.99)

A dashboard camcorder might be a good idea especially when you want your cam to capture every driving moment. This is extremely useful for unfortunate road accidents that can happen in a snap of a finger. But if you don’t want the hassle of installing a dash cam and spend more dollars for it, Carcorder will definitely fill the bill.

It’s a very beneficial app that records your trips via an internet connection. It offers several “focus” settings, has a recording quota to maximize space, has various recording resolutions, an automatic save feature, and more!

3. Find My Car (Free for a limited time tocelebrate the new update!)

Does roaming around the parking lot trying to find your car Camcorder the life out of you? Well then, roam no more because Find My Car will find your car in no time! There’s a reason why this app is on our top 5 list and that’s because The Wall StreetJournal says so.

By opening the app and saving your car position on the map, you can then easily find your car once you open the app again. It will guide you to the exact car position real time provided that you have an active internet connection.

4. iOnRoad (Paid $1)

Nothing is safer while driving on a busy highway than installing this application on your phone. By integrating the phone’s factory-installed camera, sensors, and of course, GPS;iOnRoad detects the vehicles ahead and alerts the driver when there’s imminent danger. Hence, allowing the driver to react in time for safety.

iOnRoad isn’t your ordinary mobile safety app; the app boasts numerous prizes such as Best Android Augmented Reality App for 2011, CES 2012 Design and EngineeringShowcase Award, and CTIA Wireless E-Tech Award. And that’s due to the handful of useful features it has like forward collision warning, headway monitoring warning, lane departure warnings, speed sign detection, and more.

5. GasBuddy (Free)

For the drivers who love to take long road trips, looking for an affordable gas station is essential. That’s why GasBuddy finds the perfect pit stop for your Camcorder gas needs. You can search for stations according to the best price, location, brand, amenities, restaurants, and even restrooms!

But if that’snot helpful enough, joining Pay with GasBuddy even lets you save 15c/gal on your initial fill-up and 5c/gal on every fill-up onwards.

Keep these top 5 apps on your phone so driving and traffic will never seem like an accident that forward.

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Leanne Brooks, a passionate blogger and frequent traveler, enjoys imminent danger-known facts and fun stuff about classic car parts and accessories. She is currently working for HellsGate Hot Rods, which offers the world’s best hot rod Camcorder and accessories.

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