Steps Towards Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual Maturity

“See every day as an opportunity to become a better version of yourself”

Every person in the world has to face a time when he thinks his life is over. It’s a dead end. Nothing is left behind but rubbles of the old life.

True, you may often feel that way, feel like everything is gone in the time of crisis but is it over for you?

Contrary Belief

Contrary to popular belief a person a matures with age, but wisdom is gained, it can be inborn in some and some experience it throughout the different phase of life. Holy journeys help you to gain patience and learn more about the world but how does it help you to become a better person?

People believe that once they lose something they can’t have it back. But in truth, it’s all about your inner will to keep trying for it. Hence spiritual maturity is not instantaneous, it happens slowly and gradually.

Ways to Reach Spiritual Growth

There are several ways one can achieve peace and serenity in their lives by actually following in small baby steps to become a better person morally and ethically as well. These steps will help, guide you in the best way possible.

Reflect Your Self

A question can lead to a thousand answers. Ask yourself, who are you in reality and who do you want to be?

These two questions will tell you a lot about your inner self. Sometimes it may happen you are a good person for your friends but not for your family, they keep putting pressure on you and criticize your every move while on the other hand, your friends accept for who you are.

Consequently, you are a preacher but self-absorbed on the other hand a criminal is more than helpful for the street beggar than anyone else.

Judging yourself the way you look or the way others look at you is not helpful at all. Be true to yourself in every possible way. This is the first step. It may take time but once you take it, own it.

Make Commitments

Once you realize at what point of life you stand, you will recognize the things that you lack or rather want to improve. If you feel you need to know how to cook, learn it, or if you feel need to go on spiritual journeys, go for it, don’t hesitate on what you want.

Be consistent with the change you want to see in yourself. Worshipping regularly is the major task in this regard. Don’t skip or make excuses for it, but make time for it. And you will see a change, the way you speak or you behave, you will be calm and more cool minded.

Spiritual verses make you calmer and you get to learn more about the beliefs you have been following. You will feel more connected to God and hence it will develop a sense of responsibility in you as well.

Eliminating Bad Routine

We all are aware of our bad habits. Sometimes people point them out to us in high hopes of bringing a change but yet again this kind of change relies only on us.  Cursing is the most common problem of all. In routine people don’t even realize how much they are cursing in a daily conversation unless someone points it out to them.

Most important of all things is to be self-aware of your bad habits, if you are not, then doing a SWOT analysis for yourself will be helpful for you in every way. Learn about your weakness and start working on them.

Set a New Routine

Accepting your strengths and weakness will lead you towards betterment. 

Growing out of old habits is a tough job to do but a not impossible one. You can become a better you as long as you are willing to change yourself. religion helps to build a better world for yourself and lets you appreciate even the smallest of the blessings.

Rise bright and early, offer prayers, go for a morning walk, change your eating pattern and sleeping habits too! but foremost gain knowledge of your faith as well. If you want to go on a holy journey to wash away your sins and be a practical follower of your religion than no one is stopping, you either.

Memorize Holy Verses

How come it will help you to memorize verses? That’s easy.  If you read it daily, your mind will begin to create muscle memory and hence the more often you go through the same text (with interest) than you can also start memorizing.

In difficult times, such context can help you handle the situation and learn from it to avoid conflicts in the future as well.

Holy verses help us guide in a true old fashion way. Go through transitions in each phase of life and hence these changes are relatable with what our religion has already spoken about.


After bringing these small changes, it’s time to self-evaluate yourself. Remember evaluation doesn’t mean to criticize yourself or others, it means to analyze how far you’ve come, to become a better you. Once evaluating, also remember that self-evaluating is just a step towards acknowledging the change in you.

Evaluate to learn more about yourself, how far you have come to become a better you. Your friends, family, colleagues, hence every person close to you will already feel the difference in the new you.

Never let the struggle diminish your energy. It’s the motivation of moving towards being better, that will truly help to become a better version of yourself.

Never feel ashamed or be afraid if you need help, ask for it.

It’s always better to take help if the struggle is hard. Compassion leads towards humanity, and it shows how much you truly care.

Once you reach the spiritual maturity, help others grow too. it’s a never-ending cycle of life.

Return with good favor in your hands, for someone might need your encouragement.

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