The Dos and Don’ts of Leather Fashion

leather fashion

Leather is one of those fashion trends that somehow just don’t ever die out. It’s been a favorite of fashion-savvy youngsters for almost a century. But somehow whenever someone talks about leather fashion, leather jackets come to mind. Which is understandable, considering how it has been a fashion favorite around the globe but leather fashion goes beyond that. This article gives you a short and comprehensive guide about how to wear your leather, look good in it, take care of it and make the most of it. Here are a few dos and don’ts of leather fashion that can step up your leather look instantly:

Do learn the difference between leather jackets

There are many styles available in leather jackets from bomber, biker, classic, racer, duster to cattlemen and so on. Make sure to know your jacket style and the right time and place to wear one accordingly.

Do invest in customized leather items

Having a few customized items instantly adds quality to your wardrobe. And when it comes to getting your clothes or accessories customized, what better option than a leather jacket. It is undoubtedly an all-rounder that is fit for every season and occasion. It will last a lifetime, giving you the satisfaction of investing smartly. Adding a customized leather jacket will certainly add a spark of style in your look. If you already don’t own one, then it is high time that you treat yourself to a custom leather jacket USA.

Do consider leather pants

Leather pants may not be the right choice for every occasion and season but they sure are making a comeback. Consider investing in a pair of cool leather pants to flaunt now and then.

Do accessorize

Accessorizing your leather jacket with a pair of leather boots or other leather accessories like handbag, belts, or wristwatch will only enhance your leather look. But remember not to overdo it, just a few pieces will do the job.

Do switch to line drying

Just as washing in a machine can cause untimely damage to your leather just like that drying in a dryer will cause unnecessary damage. Switch to traditional ways of line drying when wet or even a bit damp. Never use iron or dryer if you want your leather to last longer.

Do extend your leather choices to other leather apparels

As mentioned above, leather jackets are most preferred leather clothing item but don’t just limit your wardrobe to leather jackets when there are many other options to explore like leather vests, skirts, shirts, dress, pants or a custom leather jacket USA.

Don’t expose your leather to direct sunlight

This is only said for longer periods. Drying and airing is absolutely fine but leaving your leather under direct sunlight will cause it to lose its natural color. So don’t forget your leather out in the sun for extended periods, bring in the laundry as soon as it’s dry.

Don’t throw out faded leather

Even if it fades a bit, you don’t have to worry about that. A little distressed leather jacket is a look on its own. When paired up with faded jeans and a white shirt, an old beat-up leather jacket transforms into a classic fashion look. So don’t give up on your leather just yet, there’s still some potential left in it.

Don’t fold your leather

While storing your leather items, keep in mind to hang it rather than folding up. Keeping leather folded up for a long time makes it lose its natural form. And folding up also keeps the leather suffocated.

Don’t wear the wrong size

Knowing your size is the main element of rocking a leather look. With other clothing materials like silk, cotton or even jeans you can go for a tight or loose-fitting. It becomes part of the look but doing the same with leather can only be a fashion disaster. Always wear your right size whether it is a jacket, dress, pants or a shirt.

Don’t machine wash it

If you want your leather to last longer then never wash it in washing machine. And don’t we all want our leather to last because let’s be honest, genuine leather is not cheap. Machine wash is tough on the leather due to being saturated in water for a long time. You can refer to instructions tag on your leather bag, pants, jacket or other leather items for a better guide but leather items are generally not to be washed in washing machines.

Don’t stick to black

When buying leather items, don’t just get stuck on black. Even though it is tempting but consider extending your leather color spectrum to a wider range. Try shifting from mainstream brown, mustard and blue to a more vibrant range once in a while.

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