7 steps to design an effective brand for your website

important to design an effective brand

Why is it important to design an effective brand for your website? To make an impression in today’s competitive world it is very important to make your website very interesting. When an audience visits your website, make sure that they find your website fascinating with a catchy appearance. This will make them stay on your website, otherwise, they will just move on and find another website. In order to make a good impression, it is very important to design an effective brand for your website. While you design your brand, it will make reliability and brand identity as it creates a compatible visual language. It gives the audiences an immediate good impression of your website and your brand. 

In this article, we will discuss 7 steps to design an effective brand for your website. If you need branding services in Chennai you can contact and hire them. The 7 steps are as follows:

Add an icon 

Applying your own logo or icon on every picture of your website can make it distinctive and unique. While using an icon, make sure that the icon should be small, straightforward, contain a single color or it can be black and white. Try to place the icon at the bottom of the picture and try to place the icon at the same position in every picture. 

Attach a watermark 

There are some pictures where you can not add your icon. If you forcefully add a logo into them, it appears to be unnecessarily clumsy. In this situation, you can attach a watermark as an alternative. Just like a logo, a watermark should be simple and placed at the bottom of the picture. 

Use images in a theme 

Whatever image you use for your website whether you capture them or you use stock photos, maintain a theme for those images. Every image should have a specific style and a connection between every image should be maintained. Every single image should stand for your brand. All the images to be used such as a background picture, a featured picture for a blog post, an info graphic picture, a demonstration slide, a brochure picture, or a post for social media should maintain the same theme. The decision is yours. Choose your own theme for your brand, but whatever you choose, you have to maintain it. 

Give your brand a color 

Colors are easily distinguishable, catchy, fetch emotion and attract the audience’s attention. Choose a specific color for your brand and use it in everything such as logo, watermark, graphics used in social media, blog posts, illustration decks, etc. Like any big brand, you can select your color palette and stick to it. 

Add some design component 

Use some specific design components for your brand. It can be anything like a pattern, texture, color blocks, any shape, border, or layout. When you use the specific component in everything in your brand, the audience will recognize your brand very easily wherever they see a picture with your specific component. You can use them on your website, social media posts, blog posts, marketing cards, demonstrations, etc. This will make an immediate impression. 

Use color layer

A color layer is a transparent color that stays in the background of a picture. When you use a specific color for your brand, you should choose a specific color layer. It will help to create an instant impression whenever the audiences will see them. Creating a layer is a useful process to increase the legibility of a text or picture as it adds a compatible background. You can use a black and white layer to make a bold impression. 

Use a filter

Filters can add some dramatic effect to a picture. You can use a filter in the applied images to give them a specific effect or look. Filters can transform a dull picture into a lively colorful one. 

These are the most important 7 steps to design an effective brand for your website. If you are thinking about applying for them, you may need branding services in Chennai. You can hire them today to design your website.

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