7 Tips to Stay Safe While Working with Industrial Chemicals

industrial chemicals

Industrial chemicals are essential for business and everyday use. But, as with any other chemical, it is crucial to maintain proper safety measures while dealing with them in a lab. Often disasters are fueled from the inability to follow basic safety measures by individuals working the laboratories.

Here are seven essential safety tips that you need to follow, if you regularly deal with industrial chemical manufacturers in India. This is not just to keep yourself safe, but the other people working around you as well. It only takes a simple mistake to cause hazards.

Proper training

Chemicals are not something that can be handled by any individual. Unlike other organizations where employees can immediately start working with the equipment, chemical industries require employees and workers to be well trained in advance to avoid any common mistakes.

Each employee working in the lab needs to be trained and made aware of the dangers these chemicals can pose to them and the people around them.


It is beyond essential to label everything that is present in a chemical laboratory. Since there are a lot of chemicals present in the lab, and some might appear the same, it is easy to mistake one for the other.

But not every chemical is compatible with each other; if the wrong ones are mixed, it may lead to reaction that can cause damage to its surroundings. Hence, ensure that every chemical, tools, items, and other things present in the lab have a proper label and are always arranged in their right places.

Storing Chemicals

To avoid calamity while handling industrial chemicals, it is best to store chemicals that are dangerously compatible with each other, far apart from each other to ensure there are no chances of getting them mixed.

Further, keeping a log of where everything is stored is important. Some of these chemicals can be strong bases and acids, which can be dangerous for humans, hence safety is crucial.

It’s best to train your employees ahead of time on how to control the situation in case of a chemical spill.

Emergency Equipment

Experiments can go south without giving any signs at all. Hence, it is crucial to have emergency equipment ahead of time in the laboratory or storage. Further, it is important to teach employees prevention measures in case they come in contact with a dangerous industrial chemicals. For example, immediacy washing the eyes if they get in contact with a chemical, can reduce the chances of visual impairment.


Most disasters happen when employees are careless with their workstation. even the smallest spills on the table you are working on can cause a hazard.  Further, most chemicals are not stable when open in the air, and can be hazardous. Hence, make it a habit for your employees to store chemicals at their right places, and encourage them to always keep their workstation clean.

Safety First

Teach your employees how to keep themselves safe while handling hazardous chemicals. One important tip is to keep the safety gear close to each employee. Further, proper gear should be a necessity for each employee such as lab coats, protective eye-gear, gloves and so on.

Ask employees to immediately inform,  if they need a replacement for their safety gear. Keep track of each safety equipment daily, as hazards happen when you don’t pay attention.

Food & Breaks

Assign a dedicated location for employees to take a break, eat their lunch or have a snack. No matter how careful your employees have been here there is always a possibility of chemicals being introduced to these edible items. And often ingesting chemicals can cause severe hazard.

These tips are crucial for industries who deal with speciality chemical companies in India that can be hazardous if not handled properly.

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