Shipping from China to USA – Tips for saving money

tips for saving money

Managing shipping costs from China to USA has always been a common concern for American importers. Not that it is easy, but with experience and knowing the tips, you can easily act cost-effectively. First of all, you must have a good understanding of the options and know your product well. Knowing your needs will help you a lot in this way. Now let’s look at some tips for saving money.

Tips for saving money Plan ahead

Last-minute shipping from China to USA is always expensive. Because the time and variety of options and prices are limited for you. It also makes you do things with stress and you may miss something. Once you have a plan, you can look for affordable prices and great deals. In this case, you have enough time to choose the right method of shipping and find experts. So you avoid having to pay extra and you can save a lot of money.

Delete busy times from your calendar

The peak season is a pest for your shipping costs. Because of the high demand and crowds, prices are staggering. Also, congestion at the port and customs causes long delays and increases costs. So get to know the Chinese public holidays well to avoid wasting your money.

Choosing the right shipping mode

You have different methods for shipping from China to USA, air freight, express and sea freight. But making the right choice based on the type and size of the product can help reduce costs. 

Air freight

Air freight is suitable for sensitive and valuable goods. It is indeed that it is expensive, but it is affordable for small goods and less than 150 kg. If you need immediate delivery, you can use Express services such as UPS, DHL, FedEx companies.

Sea freight

Sea freight is very suitable for big and bulky goods. If time is not your priority, this method can be very effective in reducing your shipping costs. Also, choosing LCL may seem cheaper, but its additional costs sometimes outweigh the FCL. I recommend using FCL because it avoids hidden costs. It is also safer and faster.

The right packaging

In air transport, because the weight of the package affects costs, you should use lightweight materials. Also, when measuring packages, adjust them so that they do not incur additional costs. On the other hand, in sea freight, if they are not moisture resistant, damage cannot be prevented.

Work with Chinese people

Work with the Chinese shipping company and freight forwarder. Because their wages and services are much lower than those of American companies. On the other hand, because of their familiarity with the Chinese language and market, they will find you lower prices and great discounts.

Reduce shipping from China to USA distance and time

Shorter distances and transit times save costs. Therefore, it is better to choose the west coast as the destination. Also, avoid delays and use modern and fast services as much as you can. 

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