How to Be A Competitive Commercial Real Estate Agent

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The commercial real estate market is extremely competitive as trends in real estate continue to change. Depending on the area in which you live, the market for commercial space may be limited or may rely on specific types of commercial real estate. This guide can help you compete in any type of market as you seek to gain as much growth as possible in your geographic area.

Use Every Opportunity to Network

Networking with other agents in your community will help find out about more opportunities, while also helping you to serve your clients better. If you have a client that’s looking for a specific type of office space that has unique features, knowing about another agent’s property that meets those needs can help you both serve that client. Additionally, network with contractors and people skilled in trades as much as possible.

Knowing a business that specializes in industrial HVAC equipment or commercial roofing in Brooklyn can help you meet the needs of your clients. When your clients refer you to others who are looking for commercial real estate, they will mention that you’re connected to other professionals in related industries.

Use Your Blog

If you want to compete with other agents in your area, you’ll have to maintain an online presence. It won’t be enough just to maintain a website if that site doesn’t have a blog. This is because you can use your blog posts to increase the visibility of your site and to establish yourself as an authority in the commercial real estate industry. This requires writing engaging blog posts that explore topics related to commercial real estate.

Each blog post should use authoritative back-links and long-tail keyword phrases as a means of utilizing SEO to boost your rankings in relevant searches. As search engines continuously rank your site higher, they will begin recognizing your site as an authoritative source. For your agency’s growth, this means more website traffic and higher conversion rates.

Don’t Discount Social Media

You’ll gain more traffic to your website and build your brand as a competitive real estate agent when you also use social media to your advantage. You should start by creating accounts for your business on all of the big social media websites. Once you have your accounts set up, you can begin making posts that link back to your blog posts.

Increase your followership by joining social media groups, commenting on relevant posts from other users, and interacting with the users who comment on your posts. When someone tags you in a post or shares a post, be sure to thank them and comment. Generating more interactions will increase your number of followers, which will, in turn, lead to more visits to your website.

Use Print Marketing

While digital marketing is important, a print marketing strategy can help you raise visibility in your local community. You should start by ordering business cards that feature your name, the name of your agency, and the relevant contact information. Your site’s web address should also be included on the card.

Additionally, you should have posters and banners printed, which you can use to promote your agency at conventions, festivals, and industry conferences. Anytime you meet someone new, be sure to hand them a business card and any other print media you have available, such as brochures or pamphlets.

This is a great opportunity to showcase any commercial real estate Agent properties you’re currently representing. It will also help you build your network organically in addition to the growth your website and blog are generating.

Ask Clients For Testimonials

You should ask your clients to send you testimonials that can be posted on your website to help establish your abilities as a commercial real estate agent. You can have your client’s email testimonials to your business email address, or you can set up a form on your site that allows clients to upload their testimonials directly to the site.

As a reminder, it can be a good idea to offer an incentive to your clients to encourage them to submit the testimonial. Use personalized or branded gifts or offer a one-time discount on your services in exchange for the testimonial.

While you may not see significant growth right away, you should continue to pursue the tips mentioned here. Depending on the size of your market, you may need to pursue your agency’s growth more aggressively in order to compete with other real estate agents in your community. A long-term strategy that utilizes these tips will help you build a better and more well-known brand image over time.

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