Seven Content Marketing Trends You Need to Follow in 2019

content marketing trends

Among hundreds of other fascinating techniques, marketing is believed to be the only asset. It helps the organizations to build up their image and boost their sales to the dazzling heights. In the world where digitization is on its peak, content marketing is playing an important role in approaching the audience. It helps marketers need to adapt to the changing trends in the industry to ensure that your strategy is successful.

Some of the emerging trends of content marketing that are continuously gaining popularity are as follows;

Voice is on the rise

The digital age is all about the “voice.” Instead of just optimizing your keywords for someone typing in for relevant results, smart marketers are also considering the interrogative form of the keyword for prospects searching via Google search or Amazon’s Echo.

You must remember that smartphones are the major reason for this shift and it has become a necessity that websites are mobile-responsive and mobile-optimized so it can attract more mobile users to the business as Google prioritize mobile-responsive sites in the search results before others. I order to thrive in the industry; voice search is the area which marketers should watch closely.

Words Speak Louder

Sure, pictures and visual content is on the rise and well—attractive, for most parts, content marketing still depends on written words and authentic information. It is not intelligent for people to expect marketers and entrepreneurs to have the eye for the art of writing and composing content for blogs, encyclopedias, or perhaps videos. Savvy marketers know the importance of the quality of content for which they approach agencies offering writers, videographers, illustrators or even Wikipedia experts for hire.  

Influence With Influencers

Influencer marketing has become an eminent source of great results for brands. Influencer marketing leverages social media platforms to attract the buyers as they trust individual recommendations more than brand. However, it is necessary for you to determine the criteria for an influencer to work with your brand. Create a campaign targeting the influencers to get their attention. Grow your relationship with them and track your success to ensure that your investment is worthwhile.

3 E’s Of Video Marketing

Videos aren’t a new concept in the industry. Millions of videos are produced every day just to make a topic imaginable. However, in order for a video to attract the audience, it must follow the 3 E’s of video. What it means is that videos should be educating, engaging, and entertaining so it can grab the attention of prospects. Nowadays, businesses are taking advantage of live videos, which is a subcategory of the videos. Live videos provide businesses endless possibilities to engage the audience, entertain them, and provide them with the information they require to become your loyal customers.

Consider, New Channels For Publishing Content

Find new channels to publish your content to attract the audience. It might take some trials and errors, but in the end, it turns out to result with better visibility and recognition at the search engine. For example, nowadays organizations approach writing services offering Wikipedia experts for hire to create content which can get published on Wikipedia.

AI Drives The Audience

Artificial intelligence, a fictitious concept which has many misconceptions associated with it, has many golden opportunities to offer to businesses. There are many AI-driven tools and software, which makes it easier for marketers to analyze data to understand customer’s behavior and their needs.

Today most people consider talking to chatbots for their queries, which increase customer engagement. They are easy to talk to as they do not lose patience and are able to recall the customer’s history in real-time. This is one of the examples of AI working for the business, only helping them to be more efficient and productive.

Gain Trust With User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the content created by customers. They include reviews and recommendations which can help your business to attain new customers and prospects. The fact is that followers love to share their experience and stories with people. Most importantly, it is something that doesn’t require any investment. It is a true opinion of your followers and loyal customers who have enjoyed your services and products.


You need to stay focused on your marketing strategies to attract an audience for better results. Think about your next step and use the above-mentioned strategies to achieve your marketing goals.

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